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Sheridan XTS - what's their history?

I found an XTS on Craigslist. I wasn't sure what it was (it was listed as "paintball gun"), and the red splash anodizing made it look worth the risk. It cycles fine on HPA with no barrel and with the velocity screw all the way out. Provided the spring isn't dead, I'm thinking it will shoot well on HPA.

What's the history of these? The drivetrain looks so much like my Mirage and Titan that I thought they might have interchangeable parts, but other than the valve stem and spring everything is just different enough. The J-seal on the hammer looks identical. It field-strips faster than the Titan, and the plastic bolt hasn't galled the crap out of the receiver.

The detent looks so similar to Tippmann 98 detents, that even if it's not a direct swap it should be a quick mod. The mainspring looks suspiciously 98-ish, too.

It came with a neato aluminum 16oz CO2 tank - both ends are hemispherical. It looks like a miniature 88 cu. in. Date on the tank was 2002, so I'm sure it's out of hydro now, and since it's larger than than 2" in diameter so it violates the 2&2 rule.
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When Crosman bought Sheridan in 1995, they started looking for a replacement gun to the VM68. By then, they had already phased out the development staff from Sheridan, and were looking for a mostly "off the shelf" solution.

Instead of grabbing a well known design to adapt, they felt is was more cost-effective to find some "garage shop" to license. This way, they avoid all the things you get with a larger company (ie patents, copyrights, overhead, complex contracts, etc) This was back for paintball companies started conglomerating, and it was still possible to viably produce guns on a small scale.

So they worked out a deal with Paintball Heaven (in Mass) to take there "Falcon" spooler, and streamline it to save cost. It was realized as the "Equalizer", to which they were instantly sued by the designer of the Pheonix. The Pheonix was also built at Paintball Heaven. When production stopped, the shop copied the design, then sold it off.

This created a legal mess to which cost Crosman a great deal of Money. They also got bit by the RG1 regulator, which was part of the same mess.

So, after consulting with the lawyers, they directed Crosman to get a well, known "off the shelf" design to adapt. And yes, they went to Mokal to design something "Trendy" to be sold at Walmart, and Kmart. Both which they had shelf-space. The end result was the XTS was a very good gun. The hinged-receiver is a neat idea. It was later adapter to other variants, but eventually died out simply because they could not compete with other entry level guns,.

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I thought the xts was a spyder barreled copy of the pro carb??? Being that the valvetrain looked similar to the carb's system...tho it wasn't the same valve.... I had like 3 of them and they took #13 sized o-rings for the valve body and could use 98 detents and possibly main springs. I modded 1 to have a palmer stab on a 45 degree elbow, it looked good, for a normal 90 degree vert, I needed to have 2 90 elbows to make a zig-zag to it... I loved the sheridan aftermarket 14" barrel, it was small bore and fit most field paint out there...pretty accurate, but SHINEY!
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la la la la revolution
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Thanks guys!

Interesting to know that it was licensed by Mokal, it explains the similarities. The quality and materials aren't quite as good as the Mokal inlines I've seen, but they're not awful. The velocity adjust is better than Mokal's, IMO.

I haven't seen the inside of a Pro Carbine yet (or any other Tippmann than a 98). The function is basically identical to all inline blowbacks. Tippmann seems to use a plastic power tube housing a lot (Mokal, XTS and the Stingray use metal). The air path is different - flowing through the center of the valve stem instead of around the valve body like a Tippmann.

I've read the barrel is crap, but maybe it was just too small in diameter for the paint of the time. Might work great now, but it's too bloody long.
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I just picked up a red and silver splash ano off of eBay. Why? Mostly because I wanted to see if I can adapt a pump kit to it.
Once it arrived, I found some time to take it apart, and have a look to see if it would be an easy mod, but it's allot more complicated then I suspected.
Figuring out how to completely disassemble it was not.
Pretty neat little gun, but I don't think it will be around for too long.
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