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How do I remove this fitting?

Here is my new air-thru grip.

Notice the nice deep scratch and groove?
I thought gripping it in some neoprene tank cover material with pliers would allow me to remove the fitting.
It did not...
It allowed me to gouge the grip just beooootifully...
Can you detect the angry sarcasm?
So how does one remove this fitting? heat? some sort of liquid magic potion?
Thanx for your help.
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Apply some gentle heat on there with a propane torch or lighter. Its probably got some red locktite on it
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Is the fitting loc-tited in (red or blue crusty stuff) or just plumbers tape(white)? Can't tell from the bluriness of the pic, but is the fitting rounded without a hex head, and is there a allen wrench hole inside the fitting? (some asa fittings I have seen have allen slots on the inside)
If you have the loc-tite drop it in hot water for a while, since it is just a gas through it won't hurt anything. You could also use alcohol to break away the loc-tite, just let it soak into the threads.
Plumbers tape should just break free.
If you have no allen slot or hex head on the fitting, I have used rubber hosing. Auto part store carry it under fuel line or vacum tubing. Cut a piece about and inch and slit it down the side, wrap this around the grip and use another piece on the fitting. You can use channel locks or vice grips or plain old plyers to grab ahold and turn, a vice would be great if you have one. I have used the rubber tubing many times and haven't scratched or damaged a finish yet. You want at least 1/16th or 1/8th thick walled hose, the thicker the better, you can even use more than one piece.

edit: Heat would also work but I would use it last unless you don't minde maybe damaging the finish on the gas thru grip.
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Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
you'll do anything for *****.....
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Strap wrenches usually arent good for much. It may work dont get me wrong but it wont supply much torque.

Chances are your staring Red loc-tite right in the face. A good method to loosen loctite is to apply heat. Now if you have NO orings anywheres on the peice in qeustion go ahead and use a flame of some sort to heat the loctite...lighter, stove top, torch, ect. You wont ruin the anno as long as you dont apply to much heat.

Another very good option would be to boil the piece in water, clamp it then wrench the fitting off.

If you have access to a vice and some leather or rubber tubing you'll be in business.


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Leather or rubber yes, neoprene no. Learned that same lesson trying to use an old mousepad once. Find an old belt, a vice and a pair of vicegrips 9if you dont mind destroying the fitting.

Add a little heat, you should be fine.
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Try this first put the whole unit in the freezer (a chest freezer is colder than the one in your fridge) and leave it there for a while over night or a few hors at least. Then get your tap water as hot as you can and gently heat the area just below the fitting and wrench it. If you have a vice use it ( I try to place a couple of small pieces of wood on each side to keep from scratching, also try to have this set up before you do the heating part) them wrench off the fitting. Aluminum expands quite nicely when heated even by water.

Did you try to tighten it a smidge to try and break the seal? Some times the smallest movement is enough to get her moving when you take it off. I'd avoid using a torch for now untill you try the hot water first, I'd hate to see the anno get messed up. You can also try to use a red magic marker to cover the scuff if it's bothering you.

Good Luck
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if need be what i did was put the asa side (just the top with out an oring on it) into the vise and then got the fitting off, it will scratch the gass through a little but u wont see that part.

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nope you need leather and a vice... works wonders, if you have no leather, i have a whole bunch here, send me a mailing addy and i'll send you a piece.

def. use a vice if you have one.

beyond that, you'll need an old priest and a young priest.....

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