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grande 11-22-2006 06:05 PM

BIG air tank
For big games I like to carry a 88/45 tank since the fill lines are always too long and I know I'd rather spend my time playing than waiting for a fill.

So I thought about getting a larger tank, rolled with the 114"/3000 back in the day and started thinking if they make the 114" (or larger) in 4500 psi version?
Air running out wasn't a problem when playing with cockers, but I'm in trouble with the trixes.

My other option is hooking two tanks together.

And no, I wont put the scuba tank on my back :D

Do Little 11-22-2006 06:55 PM

I'm assuming your a big boy to be able to fit a tank that big between yourself and a gun. I think I remember hearing about a tank one size up, like a 124" or somewhere around there. And I believe they made a 4500 version of the 114".

If your looking for effciency, try out a Viking or Excalibur, you won't get any more shots per tank. Cyborgs are supposed to be pretty efficient as well.

Murph 11-22-2006 07:02 PM

Or consider using co2. If you run it at a low enough pressure liquid should not be an issue using the proper regulators. On a well timed autococker I got about 950-1100 out of a 12 oz co2 bottle, a 20-24 ouncer should get you at least a case on an autococker, which is about the same as an 88/45.

grande 11-23-2006 06:38 AM

I'm never going back to using co2. I live in finland so the temperature is a major concern, at least in the winter. Plus theres a fire departement 5 minutes away from my house, I can get the scuba tanks filled there :)

Oh and the tank wont be going on gun. I'm using a remote and keep the tank in a "regular" backpack.

The backpack also carries my water and holds 2 pods on each side. Rest of the pods I keep in my chestrig (holds 7 x 100) and if I need to carry more I'll attach a 4x100 on my leg.

Idea I came up with was having one tank on gun and the other one in my backpack. Remote line would be hooked to the other side of the on/off ASA (theres holes on both sides usually, one is just plugged) and the line would have a on/off switch. When the first tank runs out I would screw the ASA into off position to cut off that tank and then open up the remote line.

However I'm a huge fan of the MPM gas through stock and would like to use it (I also like to keep my marker as light as possible) and thats why the need for a bigger tank.

Do Little I've been looking for AKA guns for a long time, never got into buying one.

Tugboater203 11-23-2006 10:19 AM

That sure looks like a great place to play! I love it in the pines!


grande 11-23-2006 10:42 AM

There's pines everywhere!

Tanel 360 shoes!!!!
Old skool goodness!
Too bad they broke after that day, the sole came loose (had three finger sized holes before)

RepomanGene 11-23-2006 02:52 PM

when i play with a tank i carry a 110/45000 on my back, its nice.

Brimmy 11-23-2006 03:23 PM

i have a 114/45 i just picked up. i love it

grande 11-23-2006 06:26 PM

Are those new tanks? :eek:
Who makes them and sells them?


hostiletek 11-23-2006 07:57 PM

contact this man here
Its a local field for me but give matt a shot, he's the owner. They had a couple 114/45's just hydro'd last time I was there (last month) odds are they havent sold yet <>

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