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Id only agree with the Trracer if it's bottomline. Backbottle guns suck when you are starting out.
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I really don't think starting a twelve year old off with a pump is a great idea. Sure they won't shoot much, but in a regular open game the will get outguned and quickly loose interest in playing. I put together a Classic Mag for my oldest daughter as a starter gun.
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I agree with a mag or just a nice simple blowback, just don't dump too much money on the equipment right away, keep it simple starting out. It's always better to teach them that it is not the gun it's the player.
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TO avoid the issue of feeling outgunned, go with them and their dads to the field, and be sure to choose a friendly field, and tell the refs to tell others to take it easy.

Good Luck!
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I'd have to say that the Automag would be a great choice.
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I also reccomend the Trracer. They are light, small, cheap, and durable. As said before, they teach conservation and tactics. Most of all, pump play is FUN!
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I second a bottomline OC Phantom. If he likes it, he may well keep that gun forever. The only thing I can see that a mav has over a Phantom is anti double pump, but I never had a problem with that when I got my Phantom, I don't really see why they would either. And even if they do double pump, it's not guaranteed to break paint. I know I did it about 5 times last weekend in mine (either double feeds and one double pump, the bolt wasn't quite in battery and the trigger never tripped the sear) and I didn't break one ball. They are not that expensive either, for the quality you get.

If you want a semi, mags are short, light, reliable and high quality. classics are cheap too.
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Mags a short, heavy as hell, require a heavy HPA tank, and can be short stroked.

Bad combo for a beginner especially a young person.

A beginning dad, like a 30 year old, definitely a classic mag. It will shoot strait and he can lug and HPA tank you throw at him.

for a 12 year old (even though the kid is about to get strong) a heavy gun will still mess him up. Lightweight mags are expensive mags, and a 45/45 is still pretty heavy and too expensive.

Remember to get the kid a mask he likes. Ida killed for a decent mask my first few days of play.
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I started out with a spyder with shake'n bake and loved it.
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Okay, best thing to invest in at 12 is the mask. Definately get a thermal lense mask, regardless of the gun. I hear more new players complaining about their crappy mask than the gun.

Second, while I did start on a pump at about 15 (brass eagle blade!), I quickly went to semi (although I have reverted back to pump ). I started semi on a spyder compact 2000 then a tippmann 98. I will say (IMO) that spyders and pirannas and the like ALL have a tendency to break more, especially the more crap you put on them, but are way easier to work on and get upgrades for. Tippmann's (98/a5) last longer, break less, but are harder for a kid to take apart.

Also, think where the kids will play. If they are woods ball kids, get something that can upgrade to suit them. If they are speed freaks, then get a gun that shoots tons of paint, oh, and make them get a job too!

I still say pump rules but 12 year olds need to be able to "fit in" by taking out their buds fast and effectivly.
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