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Best gun for a twelve year old?

Alright. so I got a few guys I work with and their kids hooked into paintball and they're looking to buy a few guns. Now I can recommend great guns for the two fathers all day but what should I suggest for their kids? Let's face it 98s are too long, awkward and annoying for the little guys. Being four foot nothing doesn't lend to a long gun that needs to be shouldered. They've used them as rentals and don't like them. I'm leaning more toward a stacked tube blowback. I've been out of the loop on Spyders for probably 4 years so here's where I turn to you guys. Are the sub-$200 Spyders worth their time?
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I never really liked the spyders and I'd rather shoot a 98 over a spyder. Perhaps a used A5 or even a vibe? My first marker when I was 12 after 2 years of a rental was the A5 and I loved it until I started to get more into paintball and speedball. Just warn the dads not to buy upgrades or they will be sucked in the money pit of Tippmann upgrades.
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remote line a tippmann ?
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i would get in on some of these...
trilogy sport
Worrgames Autococker Trilogy Sport Paintball Gun - Matte Blue at : Paintball

they are upgradeable

or for a lightweight lower cost >200 and they can think they are cool laying down as much paint as they want
09 proto slg
Proto SLG 09 Paintball Gun - Clear at : Paintball

some things to think about
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used automag. nothing to go wrong and cant possibly break
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If you do go the route of a spyder. Get one of the old grey bodied ones. They are great and cheap too. You can pick one up for $40-$60. I have about 5 or 6 of them. They can take a beating.

I may have an extra I can part with. If you do want one or just want info on them, PM me.
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Have to say a Mag, as well. Great gun, and if he likes playing he can use it for the next 30 years. :P
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i would say a invert mini, with a ninja 50ci (or used 45/45) tank and a used halo. this setup would be light, and would be more than capable of keeping up with anything on the field.
the only limiting factor would be the price of a setup like that, but it would probably be cheaper in the long run by not buying a cheaper pos gun, and upgrading.
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I say automag as well.... i have an automag and i put a 3.5 oz tank and 50 round hopper on it and a reasonably small barrel and i love it ...small compact light wait but still ROCK solid... i can very easily and accurately shoot it one handed uzi stile.... so for a youngin it would be great
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Originally Posted by chefboi17 View Post
but it would probably be cheaper in the long run by not buying a cheaper pos gun, and upgrading.
Right, so Don't buy a "pos gun" and get a 'Mag.
(I'm just jokin' with ya', friend.)

My two cents:
Piranhas are a LOT nicer than Spyders.

I'd recommend either a Classic Mag, a lot smaller package than a lot of other guns, or an old Mokal Mirage, reliable and light, slightly longer than a 'Mag, but lighter and a lot cheaper.

No matter which you get, find them a stubby 9oz, shortens pull by a good 2 inches.
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