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Rock, Paper... Chisel? Autococker LPR Part II

In this previous thread I attempted to remotely diagnose what this guy was doing to a Palmer Rock LPR that had screwed it up so bad. Because the seller felt so bad about destroying the thing he knocked off $40 from the gun and tossed in the stock LPR. He also gave me the mangled Rock. I still hold out hope that it may be fixable.

Today I got the gun in. The seller either took a chisel to it or chewed on it. I'm not really sure. The body has some cosmetic scratching which I don't care about. What concerned me was the trench he managed to dig out in the back of the thing.

It currently has no fill barb so I can't even test to see where the alleged leak is coming from in the first place. In emails with the seller, he originally wrote this:
It's leaking out the back toward the gun. Which normally you can unscrew that section and reseal it but not in this case. I have tryed everything to get that back piece out and it won't budge. I even heated it*incase there may be lock-tite and still nothing.
Ironically, as soon as I got the box in I decided to hand thread the Rock on the front block just for the hell of it; I wanted to look at it all together. As I unscrewed (SOFTLY, BY HAND) to take it off, the Rock separated from the alleged "back piece" quite by accident. Congrats me?

I know things are virtually impossible to diagnose with pictures, and I can't actually actually test running air through it without the barb/microline, but it looks like I might be back to people's original suggestions of "buy a seal kit" and, of course, a barb. You are the experts. How would you proceed?

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If the seller is half as smart as you say the leak that defeated this guy might be solved with a few winds of teflon tape.

And of course Palmers has all the parts for the reg down to the tube if you wanted it looking pretty again.

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