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Dye Hyper II req q

I have been told repeatedly that upon purchase of these regs, that you have to break them in by firing a buch of shots through them. I have one that I bought for my spyder pilot (my only battery powered marker). Does anybody know around how many shots/psi you need to go through before you can confidently say it is starting to break in? Also, what are peoples feelings on breaking in a reg with co2? I have only ever run hpa through this bad larry so far and only plan on using hpa in the future, but I have run through all the hpa that I have and do not want to pay to just run air through without playing. I do for some reason have a bunch of co2 tanks kicking around.

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Different manuf. but I believe PPS says their regs don't "settle" until about 2000 shots.
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Dye Hyper II's are basically a sidweinder in a different housing...same setup and same internals...PPS does say that 2000 shots generally breaks in their regs, i would imagine that 2000 or so should be enough to work in a sidewinder / hyper II as well...

i have used many regs, all the way from AA's, PPS, and sidewinders / Hyper II's...they all break in after usually a day or two of playing or just sitting there shooting air...personally i wouldnt use CO2 if you're just sitting shooting...the cold could damage the reg seals and possibly chip them, in which case you would need a new seal and need to do the whole thing over again.

hope this helps
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Just go play and realize that the consistancy of your gun will be a bit worse until you shoot a case or 2 of paint. Why waste air? go play!

And I wouldnt use Co2 to break it in, it is possible to do some minor damage, unless you have an anti siphon tank and you dont go nuts on the trigger. Shoot 5 bps strings for like ten seconds, then wait a minute or 2, then repeat.

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On my 05 proto it took about 5-6000 shots to level out and stay fairly even.
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