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I've used Windex, worked fine for me for a while. Goo Gone is awesome too.
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Used WD-40 to get two sided sticky tape off of my LCD screan.

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You have quite a few choices here, I've used Acetone AKA Nail Polish Remover ( it come in handy wipes too) just not on plastic. If you go this route like the rubbing alcohol I'd try it on the feed neck first. My experience with windex is that it makes the paper part of the sticker soggy and that part comes off but the gummy glue doesn't. Whatever you try let us know what works so we know for next time.

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BAH! Everyone wants to use chemicals these days.

Try using butter first. Vegetable oil works well too.

Put it on the gooey stuff and leave it on overnight. It should just wipe off in the morning. I've been using butter for years on delicate plastics and it's always worked well.
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I tried 3-in-1 oil overnight, but it didnt work. Looks like I'll actually have to go out and BUY some WD-40! Thanks for the hints guys.
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Originally Posted by Tom222 View Post
^ ditto to the ditto
ditto the ditto's ditto!
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