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Mag stuff.

So, it seems that once I finally decide to get a 'mag going, parts are getting harder to come by.

So, what's a good source for them? Aside from, of course.

I've also heard that it's possible to use a 'cocker frame, with a bit of modding. True? What exactly would I have to do?
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Wait a little longer. I've noticed a trend. Different guns types have "seasons". Not necessarily regular intervals, but when someone sells a kind of gun in the classifieds that hasn't been offered for a while, it seems that other members will soon chime in with similar sales of their own.

Lets just say it's like a gun of the month club. We "get the bug" around here for a certain type of gun, it gets hard to come by for a while.

Or did you mean the parts are hard to come by in general?
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The parts, for the most part.

I've got a body coming to me (sans ASA, but that will have to be custom anyway) and need--quite literally--*all* the parts to go inside it. I found a couple Lvl10 bolts, and I assume that will work with the standard Classic, AIR, and Retro valves.

So finding all the parts and seals becomes the problem.

And then figuring out whether or not a ULT kit will give as nice results as a pneumag, especially if I can find--and they'll work with--a ReTro valve...

I'd be quite happy to nab one if I saw it cheap, but no point to pay the usual going price for a working 'gun if I'm going to transplant everything.
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I'm currently in the process of building another Mag, for me. Parts are easy to come by really. Frame, rail, body, and valve will be your biggest expenses.

Watch eBay, AO, PBN, and here for parts. If you aren't in a hurry, you can get some deals if you keep your eyes open.

Depending on what valve/body/frame you want, watch for a good deal on an entire Mag. You can save some money that way.

I started from scratch, and picked up:

- MiniMag body, power feed left, hopper right, $25.
- MicroMag Valve w/Level 7 bolt, $30.
- Extended Warp feed plug, $5.
- ProTeam Warp Feed, with vibration sensor, $30.
- DocsMachine Cocker Barrel Adapter, $40.
- AGD Intelliframe, wired for Loader/Warp activation, $75.
- Benchmark drop and on/off, $15.
- Body Rail, RT Pro, inbound, $0
- Sear and pin, RT Pro, inbound, $10

I need to get:

- twistlock pin
- Rail bushing
- Vertical Adapter, depends on rail type.
- Foregrip
- Screws, to be determined once final rail configuration is decided on.
- Hoses and fittings, again dependent on rail/vertical mount arrangement.

If I decide to go with Level-10, RT or X valve, ULT, I can do so later. For my purposes a Classic valve will work, and the Intelliframe takes care of short stroking. A properly set up Mag doesn't chop balls anyway....

Good luck,

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