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I played with it a bit more tonight. Looks like 6, possibly 7 round capacity (depending on my spring options) keeping the stock magazine height and width. I can load 7 rounds in it right now and when I invert it, all but the last round will feed out under gravity. I think a spring should feed pretty reliably. My local Tiberius dealer does not stock mag springs, so I think that I'll have to order from the net. Does anyone have a spring that they recommend using/avoiding?

A buddy of mine told me tonight that he is looking at buying a 3D printer, so I might have the ability to make a few of these in the not so distant future. Good times for ATS sharpshooters! Now I just need Super_Stanchy to get my barrels back to me so I can test everything.
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This may seem like a dumb question but I remember the manual saying that you had to fire with a mag in the gun in order for it not to break the guide plate, which I did once and it broke shortly after. Did you remove the guide plate for it to work with a non-chain mag since the cog won`t be in contact with the chain or does it work without breaking the plate, just curious.
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Jjron99 has been using his spring powered mag without much issue, although it will eventually lead to failure. I plan to install a stripped version of the chain (no pins) to keep the guide plate happy. It might be possible to just provide a skid, thereby removing the need for a chain altogether, but I have yet to look into it. Gumby said that the chain helps to lift the cog during the start of the firing cycle, so I'll just need to find how much lift to give.

For now I'll probably just roll the dice and run without anything. After I have it feeding correctly I'll look into the guide plate's life expectancy.
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After a bit of tinkering, horse trading, and some late nights in the kitchen, I've finished work on my prototype magazine.

It is made from old scrap parts, so its far from pretty, but making it has not reduced my supply of regular mags. This has a pinless chain installed, so my guide plate will be happy, and a 5 round maximum capacity.

Most of the plastic you see is filling holes in the mag shell. What I've done is to add a piece of plastic (from a gift/credit card) parallel to the magazine bottom to create a spring retainer. The spring is from Midway USA, and is from a Remington shotgun. The Mossberg spring might also work, but it is much wider.

On the magazine left side, I dremmeled a vertical path down the detent channel, and then attached another gift card section so that the follower guide would have a smooth surface to travel down.

Speaking of follower guides, this is how I bent a paper clip to serve as mine.

The only major modification I had to do the the right side shell, was to remove this screw. It will snag the FSR if it remains in place. I used a dab of super glue to keep the plastic retainer piece tight.

I do not have a detailed shot of the follower, but it's literally a was of plastic molded around the end of the spring. There is a piece of string that comes out of the bottom of the follower, down the inside of the spring for an inch or so, and then exits the bottom of the magazine via a hole (I utilized an existing hole from the broken mag shell, but a small one can be drilled as well.) I also have a small screw molded to the bottom near the hole.

To load a magazine, I draw the string down, lowering the follower, and then wrap it around the screw. This holds the follower in place and removes all pressure from the rounds. Once loaded into the marker, the string is unwrapped and the spring does its thing. The beauty here is that I can arrest the follower at any time, so I can remove a partially spent magazine without flinging rounds everywhere. This gives an easy 6 round capacity (5 in the mag, 1 in the breech).

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very cool. can you make a vid of it working at all? id love to see
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