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Originally Posted by L I T O View Post
What brand to type of shroud do you use for the 3D printed shroud adapter RuleofSines?

I noticed that the left side mag plate is a bit smaller than the right mag plate, though 4x screw holes matches. What that on purpose? I also noticed that there are no fins to line up on the right side mag plate grooves, so I assume that the screws will hold the mag in place. How would I attach the spring guide? I am thinking epoxy will do the trick.

Observations of PETG material.
When I rub my fingers on the PETG material, it feels like slick like oil and a small amount of residue is on my finger. It easily rubs off. Is there another material I can use that take a beating and last for a long time?
I got a 3Skull, I went with the 16" but there were others available. This is the one on my marker: 3Skull Paintball 16" Force RIS Universal Marker Gun Barrel Shroud | eBay

Nylon would be another strong material that would hold up. I don't think the PETG will stay oily, I haven't witnessed that in my own PETG prints. It is possibly just lubrication the printer was using.

I have a mag shell I've been working on, but its not yet available for download. It has the mating flange and lines up closer to the stock right shell, I haven't released it yet though because I want to make sure it is reproducible. Adding the flange means the print has to be more accurate or it won't fit at all.

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