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So here's where I sold it on eBay:

ATS AT85 Paintball Marker Chain Fed In Case | eBay

And here's what you said when you asked to return it:

Jan 03The buyer (59flametop) created a return (5045831733)
Reason for returnDoesn't work or defective
CommentsHi, Unfortunately, I will have to return this item; the magazine is faulty and the guns leaks air. I m not qualified enough to get into this this thing to try to fix it.

So have you changed your mind and want to keep it? Because if so, you need to tell eBay immediately. I'll send them this screenshot shortly.
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Originally Posted by 59flametop View Post
Hi Everyone, I'm brand-new here so please bear with me if I'm not following proper protocols on this forum and my lack of technical prowess. I haven't played paintball in close to ten years so I've decided to liquidate my gear which includes three ATS AT-85's and accessories, as well as some RAP4 gear. The first is actually a recent purchase off eBay which to be honest was a bit of an impulse buy since I don't plan on ever playing again. I guess it's an early one in a TAGLINE hard case; it comes with the velocity adjustment rod, air tank (probably expired) with shoulder butt-plate, forward loader, an owner's manual, and some instructional sheets; but the magazine appears to be non-functioning. I don't know if the gun leaks or whatnot, but I do have some original oil, O-ring, and screw kits which should take care of any issues with any of the guns. The second AT-85 is a tactical set-up with a tactical magazine (all black), 16" barrel, forward loader, an M-16 style handle, front sight, and retractable shoulder stock. The third is a tactical sniper-suppressive fire set-up, with a long barrel, forward loader, tactical magazine, fake suppressor, bi-pod, Bushnell red dot scope, M-16 handle, front sight, and retractable shoulder stock, long velocity rod, and a soft zippered carrying bag...this thing looks freaking awesome! It comes with a standard length barrel as well with an M-16 front sight for CQB scenario play...all barrels have the unisizer attachments. Also included is a RAP4 tactical vest with an air tank pouch on back (with expired tank), 2-clip pockets with forward loaders, and a side-arm cross-body holster with a RAP4 Sig Sauer P226 marker... there's also a full woodland cammo BDU & size 9 black combat boots. There are some other extras like a quick-release air hose, small air tank (great little spare), hopper-adapter magazine, two guide-plates, M-16 retractable butt-stock wrench, paint balls in .68 and .43 caliber, etc. I know this stuff is rare and desirable, but I'm not sure what it's worth or how to go about selling this lot...I prefer to sell it all in one shot, but I'd like your feedback. I have lots of photos which can be viewed here: Library Slideshow by lgatanas | Photobucket
The 'Sniper' AT-85 has been sold. The other two AT-85's have been tested and function properly with no leaks. The one in the Tagline case is an earlier Co2 version, and comes with two extra forward loaders, and a brand-new Co2 tank. The magazine is still on the rag, but I'm trying to get it fixed, or replaced with a working one. The other AT-85 'Tactical' is definitely HPA, and as I said, functions properly with no leaks. Message me if interested or if you have a magazine for sale (preferably a later one with paddles).
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