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Help! Need WGP pump kit fast!

Hi I recently bought a pump kit but I guess it wasn't what I needed because the pump guide rod doesnt have the correct threading. I have a 2k2 black magic and need a pump kit for it by this weekend! Willing to pay around $30 if you can get it to me by Saturday. Thanks!!!!

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The cost of next day air would be around 25-30 dollars alone, I have a 2K+ Hooptie with hitman mod that I could do for 30 but you would have to cover all of the next day air costs. Your best chance is to find someone local, where exactly are you?
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I bought a 2k+ pump kit but I think I need specifically a WGP one. and priority would have gotten it here by Saturday if shipped today
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As far as I know, no matter what brand the pump kit is, if it's 2k+ then the threading on the pump guide rod should be the same.

If the threading on the guide rod is way smaller than the hole in the cocker body, then you bought a pre 2k. However, if it's slightly smaller or slightly larger, then you might have gotten a lemon, though I've never heard of one before.
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Might be the body. I have a 2k2 standard body that would only thread right with the WGP stock pump kit. I had to force a Sanchez kit on and it absolutely would not take a WWA kit. It's a tolerance issue with the front block area.
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No issues threading a CCM pump rod onto either a 1998 PTP cocker or a 2K3 cocker. I think the threads are pretty standard.
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Just an FYI, WGP produced some guns in that time frame with a different thread pitch than the 2K standard. I've seen one other case like this reported in the forums when the owner could not find a pump kit that fit. If you do indeed have one of these bodies, no off the shelf pump kit is going to work for you.
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You wouldn't have one by the weekend but you could get a custom kit made if you could send a machinist the banjo bolt so they could match it.
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im getting reimbursed for the kit i bought and i got a wgp one. if this doesnt work im going to get my money back for the pump
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