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Pump rod with a mind of its own? (timing question)

Just built my 2k3 cocker with shiny new parts . Aired it up and was pleasantly surprised to hear complete silence (no leaks)! Then I started to try and time it. I set up the back block and cocking rod properly and went on to mess with the hammer lug and timing rod collar. It should be noted that I'm using a quickfire frame, with a quickfire trigger, and a belsales roller sear. There is a very short trigger pull/small window for the firing and cocking point.

After some tinkering I was never able to get the hammer to lock onto the sear for the gun to actually stay cocked. I thought there might have been lug slipping or maybe the cocking pressure was to low, but adjusting those didn't change much. I did however notice that the amount of threads on the pump arm near the ram went from about 6-8 to 1-2 . I pulled the trigger holding the bolt back to see the bolt wasn't clearing the feed neck (it just barely cleared it when I set that up originally).

So I re adjusted back so the bolt just barely cleared. Aired it up and got off about 8 shots which seemed to be in time, until the gun stopped cocking .

Long Story Short: Is it possible or a common problem that the pump arm twisting/rotating/moving making the gun go out of time. I don't see how it would be possible but that seems to be what is happening.

I was thinking of getting it back to where I want it and putting some blue loctite on the threads ( near the ram of course).

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think the locktite will be the best way
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also check for stripped/worn threads, could be "jumping" teeth
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