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Thanks Xadion. Didn't you have a catapult earlier? How does it compare?
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Yes I did, I had I belive number 6 or 8 of the catapult

funny story I sat down and was writing a nice SR review, and I started it off with like 5 paragraphs about cockers and how they changed and the catapult and side cocking / midblocking - rambel rambel rambel...wait...thats what I am doing now.

My catapult never worked with conventional internals- my bottom tube was jacked up by the anno job- so I HAD to have a MQ- I got the first MQ out of production and had PBX install it...I belive KJ's site still mentions me and how much they hated the thing.

It shot awsome, had velocity issues but a LPC helped- my friend had a black magic, although heaver than the catapult (that thing was tiny and light- it was also shorter than standard cockers)

argh...tangents I swear!

Could not give you a good idea between the two as I only used my catapult with a MQ valve- and that changes the feel of a cocker alot (good or bad its up to you) - I loved my Jeff Orr LE and that made me even more want to get the SR.

I need to play with the SR on NON CRAZY MODE aka not at 25 bps 100% ramp, you get anything moveing that fast and you cant realy feel its cycle- the things fast and has realy tight programing and timeing, kinda like the polar opposite of the SF/WorrFRAME that had the speed but had loose and very open timeing and set-defaults.

But the SR is nice, my catapult was nice also- i do kinda miss it, seeing that I had the marker, tank, hopper and barrell all in one alluminum gun case with foam and all that- sadly had to sell at the time for a few reasons.- and at the time it has sheared wires that could not be soldered and back then there was no mq2 so I barely got anything for it :-/ considering...oh well- I do like my SR now though :-)
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crappy teaser pics :-)

full review is almost done, I started over- we dont need a cocker history lesson- although a brief overview of midblock history will prolly be there lol...catapult owner, gatta represent the origonal! :-)
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Old gear!
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Yea, I was very surprised by how small and smooth it looked. I honestly had no idea the sides were plastic; I thought it was just a highly polished metal when I saw one at the field. I'm shooting my half-blocked '05 with an Eclipse front end and a Chipley frame, and this kid shows up with an SR... we just kinda look at each other. "Old school." "New school." The refs were quite impressed with both guns; I was just impressed with how slick it seemed to shoot as compared to a SF frame. I shoulda asked to try it out...
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The SF frame has what I call "loose" timeing settings, because it is set and non adjustable and meant to fit on a wide range of guns- the SR if anything is ultra tight in its settings- and they can be adjustable so thats good.

The only things I would want in the SR board is a training and classic mode (mmm sniper mode?! lol) and a actualy BPS counter- but...showing max bps is well..showing what it will do! muahah...ahem...anywho- the SR is by far the best WGP cocker out of the box takeing its step above and karni in many aspects- I know that many where upset when the new blackmagic came out and did not surpass the karni in out of the box performance- the SR is an awsome marker from day one.
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