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playing with old toys
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My little collection as it stands right now: bottom 98 ? Sniper set up for 12 gram, top middle is an old Doc Nickle bodied mini cocker, top right 01 v/f with Center Flag frame, top left Inception Ripper bodied resurrection.
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1999 WGP RF Sniper Build

Started with a clean 1999 WGP RF body, Palmer's HP LT Valve and Stabilizer, Bonebrake bolt, CCM hammer and springs, WGP composite frame, Sconi duckbill asa and to finish it off, a Slice Silver "plus 2" pump kit.
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"This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age." Obi-Wan, while showing a pump to Luke.
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Dirty Gun Whore
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BPS Twistr F5 # 66

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First custom build:

FBM Rayzor body
Benchmark frame
Karni Reg (HPR & LPR)
Unknown anti-chop bolt and feedneck
Shocktech rail and ASA
Orracle 3 way

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The admins here are generally chaotic-good
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Fan of EMR
here my never used karni still has the sticker on it
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Fan of EMR
here a few more I have my I think its a 2k pump with a ans q fire . and my dc2
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My first Pump Autococker build. Big thanks to everyone that made this come together (killerito, Sfy03, dragon1291, DelTASteve, and shifty for contributing everything for the build).

Have another RF in the works, and another 2K3 with slider coming along.
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I see dead people
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My first autococker. I kid, I kid, somewhere in my 50s for cockers.

  • 1995 left feed body (ano'd pink)
  • PTP Detent mod (missing one of the screws)
  • ANS lower internals and pink cocking rod
  • ANS pink 3-way (with pink hoses)
  • WGP bolt
  • Chrome VASA with tension set screw
  • Palmers Ram
  • Palmers LPR
  • Old Bob Long Torpedo reg?
  • El Garbagio frame (will be replaced)
  • DYE UL barrel (purple back and pink front)
  • KAPP Drop Zone in purple
  • Purple elbow

I don't have any air and won't for a few more weeks so I've "sight-timed" it. This frame really is a POS and while I do like swing frames on my mech cockers, I'll probably swap it out with a slider. Was even thinking of going period correct with one of the old style sliders.

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WVU paintball #19
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Leftfeed's the best feed!
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