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Avratech Retro 7, Pump Pistol Development and Discussion Thread

Brought to you by team Avratech at Avratech Industries Inc, the Avratech Retro 7!


First, the original rendering of the Retro 7 concept from early 2011, followed by the final production design:

*** *** ***

Standard "gunmetal" colour anodising, with stock, flush front, barrel (same externally in either Freak bored or non-Freak bored - details below) and optional pump handle.

Black anodize:

Amazing reverse fade splash anodize by Tonsixers, a fine example of their high-grade custom order work:

*** *** ***

LEFT PHOTO - R7 with stock, flush mount barrel (gun shown is original "DPH" Dust, Polished-Highlight), pre-anodize.

RIGHT PHOTO - R7 with optional, 12-inch, ported, "Zero" barrel.

(click thumbnails for larger images)

*** *** ***

  • Autococker threading!
  • ambidextrous bolt action, compatible with nelspot pump handles, and both-side-cocking handles
  • all aluminum construction!
  • 12 gram speed-changer in the grip, no external airlines in that configuration
  • external air ports on both sides!
  • vertical ASA mounting, as well as ASA and stock mounting on the bottom of the frame
  • 45 grip style so you can use all your cool grips!
  • feed system takes "jam-feed" like a modified nelly, or you can use a cap
  • First Strike compatible breech!
  • NOT milled for light-weight! so it feels sort of like an original one. but better.
  • stock barrel is .675 for no rollouts and great efficiency!
  • accuratized internals (better spring seating), and hex-adjustable velocity
  • compatible with many nelson parts
  • loads of stainless steel inside!
  • compatible with ALL phantom-style SC feeds
  • takes standard trigger shoes!
  • available freak-insert barrel option, YEAH
Current Price-tag: $649 CAD
(with standard 0.680 bore, flush fit barrel
  • $60 for pump handle kit
  • $25 for freak insert barrel upgrade
  • $30 more to include a .675 brass insert (may do other sizes at special request)
  • $25 to include stock barrel (plus the freak barrel upgrade)
  • $40 to include Zero barrel (12" length, 8 inch control bore at .680, lots of porting for 4 inches, gloss black only, special price)

All accessory costs are due prior to shipping, along with shipping charges, and are subject to stock availability. update your choice of options in the first 50 here:

*** *** ***

Future Upgrades:

Left photo: Duckbox Kit - Spring 2012 production start.
~$350 per kit.
Right photo: 8" extended, ported, Freak-bored barrel
(click for larger images)

C/A Adapter ASA kit
(photos to follow)

Introduction to the Avratech Retro 7 - YouTube

3 Part video by Russc of building the first Retros (these are AWESOME):
Retro 7 Preview...guns in progress - YouTube
More work at Avratech,,, Retro 7 building - YouTube
Final day of tuning before boxing and shipping Retro 7s - YouTube

serials called so far in first run (50 of em)

001 harb (DELIVERED)
002 bigtuana (DELIVERED)
003 crimson death (DELIVERED)
004 dgorman47 (DELIVERED)
005 snaparen (DELIVERED)
006 cuddles (DELIVERED)
007 ironchef97 (DELIVERED)
008 mikeds80 (DELIVERED)
009 the reaper (DELIVERED)
010 Durango (PAID)
011 ApoC's Prototype
012 ironchef97 (PAID)
013 hellion360 (DELIVERED)
014 pakalolo (DELIVERED)
015 splat15k (DELIVERED)
016 Demonio (PAID)
017 liverlip (PAID)
018 Advocate420 (DELIVERED)
019 pball-abe (PAID)
020 Levon12345 (PAID)
021 Mayvik (DELIVERED)
022 ApoC_101 (PAID)
023 deeeight (DELIVERED)
024 Looper (PAID)
025 senghing27 (DELIVERED)
026 jackson (PAID)
027 CJOttawa (DELIVERED)
028 Boone (PAID)
029 Whee McGee (DELIVERED)
030 Whee McGee (DELIVERED)
031 Sniper97 (DELIVERED)
032 Frink (PAID)
034 F1zz (PAID)
035 dm6rocker (PAID)
036 Wildgoat (PAID)
038 Rymzor (PAID)
039 TheYoda (PAID)
040 CTownCA (PAID)
041 htwhlr (PAID)
042 stilgar (PAID)
043 TechPB Mike (PAID)
044 cruickid (DELIVERED)
045 Mechwerx (DELIVERED)
046 Heinous (DELIVERED)
047 dundadun (PAID)
048 TechPB Mike (PAID)
049 Nyx3d (PAID)
050 BlueDragonX (PAID)
057 Jack Splattt (PAID)


Performance, efficiency: Just how awesome is the Retro 7? Look at this graph to see for sure:

the non choke line represents your average top of the line VSC configuration... the choke one shows the effect of the magic nipple and other special secret/mystical features of the Retro 7 which make it simply better than everything else. You just can't argue with that kind of graph! Actually this is the worst graph we recorded, most of the tests had the 12 gram last over 40 shots, but we like to test our **** under the worst possible conditions, including sub zero temperature, lightning storm, sideways rain and hail, and absolutely no lube, ever. (you should lube yours though, it appreciates it)

and now, a bunch of ****ing attachments
Attached Images

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yea you could put a hopper feedneck on it, theres that adapter for CCM threading out now too, which would fit.

I'll see if I can FS cut it for you snipers, it would sure be fun to play with like that!

I'm making the one frame for now, you can switch it to external air by swapping the frame fitting out for an NPT plug, the gun will come with two NPT plugs.

The price should include what you see in the pic, ready to shoot out of the box, it will come with a cap for the feed too (in case you dont want to use jam feed). I might have to bump the price up a little, depends what the guys at the shop say about it, but it won't be over 300 based on my worst-case cost analysis.

yea you can put a 12 gram in and just screw it in till it touches... then tighten it to charge it up.

the prototype... will be a test fixture to make sure the 12 gram system works and no issues. the rest of the gun is proven tech which makes it really easy for me to make em quick
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Originally Posted by Critical View Post
Nothing stopping a shroud being built to be the pump arm. Damn good idea!
This shroud?

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Wow, alright guys I'll start a thread when I get back tomorrow and keep track of the serials... I'll probably do a run of 50 of em and then another run right away after

lots of questions to answer.... yes, we will able to make a bunch of accessories for this marker, and put out some more models based off it (pump action with thru-frame air to ASA and open class or stick feed, stuff like that), supressor styled barrel will look awesome, extended barrel and feed, boxgun looking slide or something, all sorts of goodies

I'll get the preorder system set up ASAP and bring some drawings to the shop, see about getting quotes on the important parts. thats cool that lapco is making parts too, I'd like to use their hammers!
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serials called in order so far:

001 harb
002 ironchef97
003 volunteer paintball
004 flyweightnate
007 solex
008 mikeds80
012 chopperduke
013 jean
014 idkfa
017 durango
020 levon12345
022 JG
023 deeeight
031 odjur
041 flau
042 comrade

I cant make em out of serial, so the first run will be 1-50, second 51-150, so on and so forth. seems like it would be crazy to make any less than 100 guns in the second run.

Paypal will be up in the next few days, and we may be able to process credit cards by the end of the week (over the phone until I get the site shopping completed... and much needed site overhaul).
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soon as I can afford to produce accessories I will be, or whenever (soon) we get the main facility up and running, with in-house manual machining (I'll have a real day-job again! and ridiculously long hours )
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Yea were gonna make a slide-looking pump for it, havent decided what kind yet... it will be hot. it will require a different feed most likely, prob make the barrel longer for that model too. price difference, maybe 100 bucks or so... depends how fancy i make it.

yea mike my business partner though it was a good idea to put it there for now, its a more realistic figure as ill be putting the nicest parts into it possible for that price, bit more to work with
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very true. and also, it would suck to take prepayment and actually lose money on em, not a viable option for me since my business is very new and we need plenty more funding... but on the upside I work with a very well established machine shop, with excellent tooling and very good machinists, so the product is exactly what I ask for, and the waits are short. expensive but its very much worth it on my side... I get to deliver a product which is extraordinary, locally manufactured, and as custom as I can create
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CCM Fan should go all out and make a Duckish sort of kit for this badboy. Call it the AV-R7 Goose Edition.

Barring that, I firmly support the Boxgun kit
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I've got a few interesting slide ideas for it in mind right now, maybe do one up by later tonight
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