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ApoC_101 03-11-2013 10:01 PM

March 11, 2013 update (post shop-move)
Hey guys, I'm way behind on absolutely everything right now, decided it was most prudent to just make a new thread here to update everyone on the current situation and operation at Avratech:

New Location
To handle our previous "crushing overhead" situation, and to buy all of us more hours a week at a closer more accessible location, Avratech has moved to Frances st off Clark in east Vancouver (just south of Hastings). The location and environment is much better for us and we are very excited to be underway with regular weekly operations commencing right away (I'll usually be there on Fridays after work and weekend days as well, time off and energy allowing).

Work In Progress
We still have close to ten anodized, nearly finished markers to ship out right away, and following that we will be commencing some service/repair jobs which need to get done right away, while we wait on the next batch of anodizing.

New parts production and other high-cost expenses
These are being delayed considerably right now due to cash flow in particular, this is a budget issue which is in the process of being fixed (the move was part of this). Production jobs on hold include the accessories and magslide batches, which is why we're seeing a continued delay on these. Be assured I'm doing everything I can within reason to get these parts moving as soon as possible.

Replacement parts and Service
These are a top priority budget and time wise, along with catching up with existing orders. Any guns currently in for service will be looked after very soon (there aren't many, but I hate to see them out of action even for a short while)

Custom/Special order work
We will be getting these dealt with quickly as well, those with less required machine time will go quickest. Thankfully there are only a small handful of custom orders in queue right now, in the future we will be more open to these jobs with more reasonable turnaround times.

Personal stuff
Yep, Avratech is people. My day job is really tiring, DEX is busier than ever, and Russ had a baby. Just kidding about the last part though :D

Exciting stuff
Pictures of the new shop to come right away, cause it's really a cool place!

Before anyone asks
Estimated time of this and that... an accurate and organized schedule isn't (and usually has never been) in the cards, and I really hate offering an "ETA" for anything and blowing right past it (which has happened frequently in the past here). We will be putting as much time, money, and energy into catching up as we can, and will keep you guys updated as important jobs are completed (and photos... our completed work is sure nice to look at).

Be sure to contact us by email for the quickest replies, I don't get online very often now but I check emails by mobile. info at avratech dotcom.

Bigtuana 03-26-2013 04:33 PM

How are things moving along? Is the new shop coming together nicely?

ApoC_101 03-26-2013 11:00 PM

Going well, I've got most things wired up but still need to hook up our sub panel, looking to do that thursday or friday. I'd have it done already but no money to pay the usual electrical guy, need a friend to do it pro-bono on his free time. Space is great considering we're taking up less than 400 sq foot now, but we seriously need to get some shelving to fix our storage situation... again, budget limitations with me being the main source of cashflow for the business and us dealing with the biggest bills all at once we've ever dealt with (due to 3 months overlapping rents plus loan payments etc). If anyone is thinking of buying some guns/parts from us, now is a *really* good time :clapping:

edit: Also I just realized I am in fact no longer green... will get to that later. PMs are down so as always, please defer to avratech email :thumbup:

Duybuin 04-01-2013 02:33 AM

Hey apoc any update on the current annoed guns?

ApoC_101 04-03-2013 10:41 PM

Well... three of them are supposed to be assembled and finished right away, but no hands have been available to get er done just yet... I've been busy with other duties every week I make it to the shop thus far (and still have lots to get done). I'll be doing two days this weekend and see where I'm at after that :)

the rest are just waiting for some parts which none of us have been able to pick up from Fastenal... I could do it but I have just enough money to buy groceries and keep my cell phone from being disconnected :(

ApoC_101 04-09-2013 03:26 PM

Most of our stuff doesn't ship right away since most of it is anodized to order. If you're not comfortable with our lead times in addition to the current delay and holdup, don't order from us right now... We are unable to deliver orders quickly under the present circumstances.

Guns are most definitely in stock by the way... We are just backed up with them.

dundadun 04-09-2013 06:12 PM

Did you get any time this weekend to work on the 3 that are almost done?

ApoC_101 04-09-2013 06:36 PM

Have not worked on the guns, too much immediate stuff to deal with first. I had more pressing issues to deal with the past couple weekends, need a lot more help than I'm currently getting to catch up.

kospauste 04-17-2013 11:16 AM

Any news on the Retro 7 front?

ApoC_101 04-18-2013 12:17 PM

Righto, got some more guns together, can't finish em without magic nipples... Machines still don't have power due to the fact I finally got an electrician in, and we found out the three phase is too high a voltage for my equipment. Got a step down transformer lined up, that plus the appropriate breaker and installation is going to run me about $1500... Which I don't really have just yet. Should have the funds sorted out in a few days.

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