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April 25, 2013 Update (NOT ready to rock)

Good news, everyone! We are (just about) ready to resume regular operations. I picked up a transformer to solve our electrical dilemma, and will have everything online in a few days. Which of course means, I can make the parts to complete several markers just about ready to go, and with no further massive expenses coming up, we will be able to get back on track financially (which of course has limited our ability to catch up quickly). The required electrical devices were delivered today and should be installed in a few days, I expect to finish some markers next week and deal with a few necessary side jobs which helped quite a bit in these final over the top expenses. Photos and video to come along with the progress catching up

Update, April 27: Hoisted the transformer up to the mezzanine today and will wire everything up Monday-Tues, will be up and running quick

some photos from today!

Where all the big transformers go:

Hoisting gear:

Ready to lift:

Artsy macro:

Old shop stuff represent:

Thanks to Melissa for very fine point and shoot photos

Update, May 11:

No surprise, things continue to not go as planned, with unexpected bull**** derailing the schedule time and time again. We would have been up and running with power to the machines today, but the landlord is causing me extreme and chronic headaches... he is truly a DICK. No power until next weeekend, and furthermore I am acutely pissed off at the Avratech situation.

That is all.

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Nice! Happy shop time! Thanks for the update
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Very nice!

Looking forward to it!
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Good stuff
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Awesome! Glad to hear its coming together.
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Great news!! Really hoping to shoot my gun this summer!
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Big thanks to you and Velcor!
Hope things go well. Keep on keeping on.
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