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starts off small at first
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Originally Posted by TippmannFireman View Post
Holy crap, Batman! Is that the gun, or the barrel, or the paint, or all of the above making it shoot so well?! Look at that grouping! Absolutely amazing!
you might have read posts by Josh and me many times, remarking how well balanced the AV1F feels?
Well, despite the fact the gun it self is way heavier than a T2. Maybe an ounce or two heavier than an S6 I'd say... Though it doesn't feel heavy when shouldered.
The R7 is built much in the same way. It may weigh as much as a Nelspot, though it feels way lighter when pointing it.
In that video I had a Ninja 68/45 and a filled to the brim Primo and the DW hooked to the Falcon.
That particular set up made for a perfect balance.
The rest was me shooting at my fav. back yard target from 45' away lol
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it also helps that all the Falcons we've configured and tested shot +/- 1fps over the chrono.... the Retros seem to follow that pattern
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Will the falcons have magic nipples?
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hmm the velocity adjuster plunger looks a lot like the magic nipple in the retro
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(PZ are Pump Zeppelin team markers)
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005 belongs to ironchef97 now. some of the other new serials are gone since they have been sold, traded or exchanged for Retro 7 spots.
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ur my sister
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this makes my heart happy to see activity in this thread again.
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I am #002 now
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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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The UK is waiting anxiously for Falcon action as well hint hint
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