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Qhat hapenned to azodin?

They seem to be pretty dead lately..
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Didn't they just release a marker a couple of months ago?
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They just released the ZII a few months ago.

If their internet presence seems "dead", it's probably because their web team left the company to go to D3FY sports.
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Q-hat happens to everybody if their not careful
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We aren't as active on Mcarterbrown as we weren't able to recover our Azodintech user name. We've contacted the admins, but we have yet to get a response.

We released our KD2 (Kaos-D 2nd Gen) at PB Extravaganza this week. We are also introduced our carbon fiber barrels and carbon fiber accessories (regulators, on/off asa, and feednecks). You can find more information of our release at our facebook page.

Also to clarify our relationship with D3FY. D3FY was the old Azodin office that handled the distribution of our markers. They were technically a 3rd party distributor that was allowed to use the brand's name and trademarks to market the guns. During the restructuring, Azodin took control of the distribution and service of the markers.

These changes have allowed us to respond quickly to parts requests and warranty work. In addition, we were able to turn our attention to updating our product line up. That is why you are seeing a new ZII, KD2, and carbon fiber parts. In addition, we've brought some others products with us to the states such as our HPA tanks (48/3000).

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When are the carbon options going to be available other than the barrel? I have used a Z2 several times now and it works great. Some negatives but I would like to get some upgrade options for it
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The Carbon Fiber parts will be available mid-April to the end of April.
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