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i love my kp3

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Does the hammer feel as rough as it looks? Perhaps it's just the type of finish, on a non visual part...
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Originally Posted by yuushin View Post

Does the hammer feel as rough as it looks? Perhaps it's just the type of finish, on a non visual part...
No, it does not. It isn't super smooth either but it is smoother than it looks. I'd say it is about the same as Azodin's previous hammers in terms of surface smoothness.
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Great job with the photos and write up.

I'll add in the comparison to Autococker pumps that is most noticeable:

You can't adjust the trigger on a KPx (1-3). In particular you can't adjust where the sear releases in the trigger pull and the length of the trigger pull. Also the edges of the sear and the bottom of the bolt are too sharp and you can feel a grating as you cause release. So you get a long sloppy trigger pull with the release in the middle. It is real crap imo. It makes it hard to rapid fire and not fun to shoot single shots. With shims and a grinder it can be modded and I have done that but still it is not nice.

It is one of those sears that move forward and back so that you can have the trigger pulled and cock it. That adds to the problem (it is not a good thing how they did it). It means you have to cock the gun more than necessary and puts a limit on how much you can adjust the trigger with modding.

The hammer is huge and heavy and has a long travel distance. The gun "lunks" every time it is shot.

This is not "only $200 for a half blocked 'cocker", or an affordable CCM, it is not the same performance ballpark as either. The pump stroke is smooth, but it is not snappy. The shot to shot speed is slow on a KPx and it does not have the single shot satisfaction of say a Phantom or slide trigger cocker.

I enjoyed buying mine and playing with it on the tool bench, I have not enjoyed shooting it or playing with it in a game.
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Not gonna lie, i skimmed straight to the farting sound issue

This is a very thorough review - great job!

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Awesome review. Now that the guns are out are the trigger frames matching the other purple parts? Every pic I see the frames color appears to be "off" like the one in this review
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