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My perspective comes from living on a bicycle/multi year camping trips I'm extremely hard and abusive on stuff as I tend use stuff way beyond their intended design

I carried a Swiss Army Knife for a long time, I have no idea which model but it held a edge for months at a time. Great little knife but I found the knife too small for my hands and that made it hard to cut into harder foods like a thick block of cheese or a tough cut of meat...

Next I tried out an Opinel knife. I don't remember the model but it was a carbon steel model. Extremely sharp, decent in the hand but I kept having issues with the locking mechanism seizing up as it was constantly getting wet and was in the tropics. Rusted EXTREMELY easily. Still use it for some trips, but I've given up trying to close it and just made a cover for the blade instead.

Got another larger Swiss Army knife, a much larger model. Huge 12 cm blade, could gut a small animal with it but an absolute pig to carry around in the pocket.

Lastly got myself a cheap Swiss Army Paring knife after one of my random knives was stolen from a hostel in New Zealand. 7 bucks, light as heck (2 oz?), keeps an edge for months at a time (3 meals a day use), yellow handle so it's super hard to lose and best of all fits my hand wonderfully. The catch with the knife is it doesn't fold, but with a cover made from the inner tube of a bike, has been easily the best knife I've ever own. 3 years of daily abuse
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we're talking about camping, not being homeless
Vagabond living on the side of the road in East Asia.
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Take a look at the Boker urban trapper
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We got switchblades legalized so on a just cuz I could impulse I purchased one of these, the Buck classic 110 automatic

I forgot how big the 110's were and when it showed up I honestly thought I'd never use it outside of novelty purposes. But I started using it more and more in the kitchen where it's replaced my paring knife and I use it in a lot of places I used to use my chefs knife, like slicing citrus. I went from hardly ever carrying a pocket knife to carrying this every day.

And that's the conclusion I've made, the 110 is an actual knife, the smaller stuff just was always a finger stabbing compromise. Also automatic knives on top of being bad *** are amazingly useful, that could possibly be the other reason I use it all the time.

This takes a nice blade when sharpening . I wash it frequently and spray it with cooking spray. And the lockup when extended is solid, no lateral movement.

Someone from Buck let it slip that they will be releasing the factory 112 automatic this fall. I may order this as well.

Just a heads up if in the market, there are a lot of aftermarket conversions (non factory) that void your nice Buck warranty. They sell for similar prices so you might as well get the real deal. Almost made that mistake.

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Well. I just read some other reviews of the Buck 110, and they have the same opinion. It is really cool, and you can use it for cooking. I hope to get one, but it seems a little to agressive for EDC.
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Brass and Wood Fan
Originally Posted by AngryScottishRocker View Post
Gotta go French. Opinel not the most durable, but can get em pretty sharp. Nice wooden handles, lockable blade, and cheap as chips.
I never noticed this thread before. I popped in to see what all the chatter was about and see the correct answer was already supplied on page one.
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