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Induction Cook Tops

I’m looking to buy a single burner sized Induction cook top, and plan on mostly using cast iron pots and pans for cooking. Mostly outdoors alongside my Traeger or possibly camping, but some inside as well I imagine.

I’ve looked at a few brands like the NuWave PIC Titanium, Duxtop Ultrathin, and the Tasty One Top, which is smart phone operated but, would like to hear what you guys and gals think.

Is anyone using any of these types of cooktops? Any features you like or dislike?

Here are a couple of links if anyone else is interested, and thanks for your input either way

10 Best Portable Induction Burners in 2017 with Reviews. Which One is For You?

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Brass and Wood Fan
I use a two ring set up at my work namely ( so I can't speak to the brands your looking at. Admittedly I mostly use it just to keep icecream scoops and sauces warm during service, although I haven't used it to cook on as I normally use a target top for that sort of job just because my section is a bit small. I do like the fact they don't get hotter than the base of the pan for when I'm cleaning it. Although the one my work uses doesn't have direct temp settings like the ones you've posted I do find they are nice and responsive to changing temp.
my only gripe is the fact "mine" is power levels as opposed to temperture adjustment and the pots I use on it are the smallest I can use so if I knock them during service it stops detecting them, but with a good pan that wouldn't happen.
I've also been considering something similar for camping.
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Thanks for the info and tips Chadders! I’ll be using smaller pots and pans as well. Just picked up a Lodge Mini Skillet 3.5 inch.

I’ll be sure to post pics when I find the right one
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