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Good Cheap Liquors

I know we're all a classy bunch here, but some of us can't constantly be buying $40+ bottles of hooch. So I'm wondering what y'all's preferred lower shelf bottles are.

I'm a fan of Wild Turkey, and I've recently discovered Beam's "Devil's Cut." Old Grand-Dad is also pretty solid. In fact, most bonded bottles are consistently cheap and good.

But it ain't gotta be just bourbon. So what are y'all pouring after a long day?
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For a cheap gin, I like New Amsterdam.
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I love bulleit, not really a cheap liquor, but certainly not high end, but damn it goes smooth.

if I'm looking for cheap vodka, pinnacle has wormed its way into my liquor cabinet
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There's a Scotch called "White Horse," which is mostly blended of whisky from Lagavulin but much, much, cheaper. Unfortunately I haven't found it in awhile
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Most Kirkland whiskey from Costco is quite good and dirt cheap. Usually from a well known distillery. For a while their single malt scotch was from Macallan, for example.
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McClelland's Single Malt Scotch. It's a single malt from Bowmore for under $25. They have a Highlands, a Lowlands, a Speyside, and an Isley. All great representations of each. Not complex, but a great intro to the single malts.

Another good value is Old Bardstown Bourbon, they have a 101 proof bottle that's closer to $30, but their 90 proof bottle is just over $20. This is from the famous Willet family known for their Bourbon blends.

Depending on which hobby is getting love I alternate between the $100 range and the $20 range, so I do appreciate a good value.

If you really want to stretch a buck sub $20 there's Benchmark from Buffalo Trace, which is the cheapest bourbon you can get from the most expensive distiller since Pappy blew up. Another is Deadwood, which is MGP Bourbon without the phony backstory and huge markup.

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Kirkland vodka. It's grey goose, but $20 for a 1.75.
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Originally Posted by dano_____ View Post
Kirkland vodka. It's grey goose, but $20 for a 1.75.
It's a bummer we can't get Kirkland booze in Texas, it sounds great.

Suntory Toki is my go-to cheap Japanese whiskey. It's also relatively available which is nice considering Suntory and Nikka currently aren't able to keep up with demand.
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The regular Four Roses Bourbon is great for mix drinks
I love Gordon's gin for martinis, my favorite is the Vesper from Casino Royale
I've also become a fan of the Prairie organic gin and their cucumber vodka
The only vodka I regularly buy is Svedka, and occasionally Titos
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Since bourbon has been mentioned, I've got to mention George Dickel #12. 90 proof and usually less than 25 a bottle and I certainly prefer it over the affor mentioned: Wild Turkey, Old Granddad, Four Roses, or anything Beam. There is a #8 that's in the $18 range up here. It makes a tolerable old fashion and is decent mixer which isn't something you can say about much else near that price point as it's priced like Ezra Brooks.
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