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MVP leak through grip frame.

So I got a brand new MVP, and got to use it yesterday. Man, what a disappointment. Number 1, this gun is crazy loud. Hopefully the o-ring fix will resolve that.

Worse, in my first game, something in the reg blew and I got a massive leak. Leaks like an absolute seeve right now.

I'll take apart the reg shortly, any key points I should be looking for and seals I should replace?
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It probably not the reg. Check the oring between the body and frame. Most people use blue loctite on the grip frame screws to prevent it from coming loose. If it comes loose the oring blows and it leaks.

The oring can make it quieter possibly. So can running a heavier spring and lowering the pressure. My mvp has never been overly loud, it just isn't as quiet as spool valve guns.
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You're right!

This one actually tore, but replaced it and I'm good to go.

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