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I read the lapco barrel adapter has a small bore so it might act like a barrel insert or two piece barrel for small paint.

My factory stingray II barrel has tones of room around some stinger paint I have. I need to measure it.
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Originally Posted by adam38654 View Post
I used to be a member of the Stingray Owners Group and did allot of mods. I am getting back into paintball after 10 years and have got a few stingrays to play with.

Does the Lapco barrel adapter fit snugger than the factory barrel?
The push pins were tougher for me to push in for the adapter. So, for me, yes it did. I don't know offhand if the bore was tighter, though.
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I did this back in the day is put a good size drop of nail polish in the inside top of the barrel. It acts as a ball detent ( somewhat) and gives a slight back spin. One would think a drop at both ends should put more spin, not to the effect of a flat line but something more than stock. Also wrap the barrel with teflon tape so the barel will not twist
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Stingray thread!

The Stingray was my first gun. At first I was really disappointed my dad didn't get me a Spyder or Pro-Lite like I wanted, but I stuck with the gun, modifying it, and ended up learning a lot about working with tools in the process. I've still got a soft spot in my heart for the things, and I regret having sold mine a couple years ago.


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Just found this thread and thought I'd post up, even though your stingray is likely very modded by now

Competition - Budget restoration build off! - Page 2
Look at posts 36, 73, 74, and 83 for all the pics and descriptions of what I did to it. It's lots of fun to shoot. I actually won the competition I was building it for
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