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so far along the trail
12" J&J Ceramatic barrel
InYoFace Budget stock
InYoFace side rail
red-dot i found in garage looks kool
..needs grips.o.0

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could use a little doe...
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Fan of EMR


<Pif> I bet. Sandriges are the epitome of awesome. Coolest electro ever.
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Originally Posted by scottthetot View Post
no ones gonna want to fight something dressed as a giant deer
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Some of mine

Originally Posted by El Gringo View Post
I am not a gun whore, I am a gun HOARDER
My Sale

My Feedback
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The Rainmaker Summit:

From top- the Doc Nickel 'World's Trickest Rainmaker' (his words, not mine), the GusDaDog/Rainman/ScottQ RMOG flagship 'Goose Honker', the Rainman/Clearush 'Green Envy' mech rm, and the Rainman HurtCow bessie-pattern pump rm.
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My Brass Eagle Raptor LTD 2000. Modifications include anti-double feed mod, Terminator and J&J Performance barrel, Starfire bolt, thumb velocity adjuster, Colt 1911 custom grips, gloss black flame drop forward, gloss black angled duckbill asa, and blackout macroline kit, Halo with Suicide shell kit, Dye Throttle 91/4500.

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Here is my Raptor Silver Eagle edition. Known as Chrome Beauty. Mods include anti double feed mod, Eagle Works barrel, System X drop forward, WGP on/off ASA w/. 32 degrees gauge, Bob Long style expansion chamber. Soon to come chroming the gripframe, trigger guard, and vertical ASA. Adding "special" grips (Its a surprise). Purchasing a thumb velocity adjuster, and a delrin Low Blow bolt. Later will be polishing the internals.

Also my Brass Eagle Rainmaker. Upgrades are Virtue grips, Bob Long Longshot barrel, Unknown black vertical regulator, black Torpedo drop forward w/. on/off ASA Tickler LPR, and maybe Mad Marty mods (not 100% sure, bought gun with stuff done to it)

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Brass and Wood Fan
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My guns

Pics are not great,but here's my gear. Top is a Bergfield Black Knight. Middle,my new old Stingray,bottom my also new old T-storm. T-storm is slightly modified. I have a shut-off valve on my tank,so I had to file the back corner of the grip down,as valve knob kept hitting it. Also didn't like the squatty low cocking lever on the Stingray,so I tweaked it a little.
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new talon
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My first paintball gun, REBORN!

Had this for 13 years now. Just messing around with it recently and I think im gonna play with it once I get the tube feeder finished.
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