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Mad Marty Mods?

Hello all,

Yes, for those of you that remember me, I am THAT Associate01...the same one from BEOG/RMOG days. (I was one of the mods for a bit) (Some of the other oldschool guys I remember from then: , ScottQ, Kevmaster, Typhren, Blackrain, etc) It has been many years since then...

Anyhow, I pulled out my Rainmaker from the garage, after years of neglect...and I decided that I need to bring it up to snuff and will also conduct a couple mods while I am at it. Since Mad Marty isn't in the modding game for rainmakers (at least I presume, considering the relative dearth of rainmakers out there.) Is there a link to a repository of his old mods, maybe a how to? pics, etc? I checked the old RMOG site, most links are broken and the wayback machine doesn't have all the pics on the sites that it does have repositories of.


Link to Mad Marty Mods or other relevant Rainmaker Mods?

Thanks! :-)

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Marty is still on here (as Mad Marty, I think) and doing mods, at least as far as I know. He worked on one of my Vectors a couple years back.
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It took me a while to find this thread. If you read through it, there are some clues to some of his mods. I found a few other pics scattered around on Google.
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Blackrain is on here; I assume it's the same one from back in the days you speak of.

Also, Rainman229--as his name suggests--specializes in Rainmaker mods. Here's his website, and he's a member here, too, with his own airsmithing forum.

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Rainmaker Owners Group

all that I have found that seemed relevant. That was a simple google images search.
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