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Seems very unlikely these guys have ever played any of the fields in Victoria... Lotta pump players. And they're all really good guys. In my experience with guys like these (I've dealt with A LOT of them), They'll "train" by themselves, at a private field, and never try their tactics on other players. Then when you finally do see them play, they're sloppy and the tactics don't work. They turn into shell shocked newbies with expensive gear. Then to top it off they're all elitist because of the group they're with. It's a very self defeating cycle.
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One of my fondest memories is a game at Diehard Paintball in Windsor, where the local 'tacticool' team showed up at a walkon Saturday. All the newbies were scared, naturally, about all they're good for.

I wound up on the opposite team, and was running up the right side with just my PMI-1 and a belt of 10-round tubes. Suddenly, I start noticing that there's a bunch of paint hitting the dirt about 10 yards ahead of me. I can't see anybody shooting across, so I assume there's someone in front of me getting shot at. I roll up, looking for someone, but I'm definitely the only guy on that flank. Paint still falling, one hits me in the stomach but bounces. I realize it's one of the tacti-tools longballing me. I finally notice him-well, I see a 10-foot-long BT-4 hanging out of a bush on a bipod. So, I reload, come out, and sprint right at him. He starts shooting, but that big-*** gun could barely move, and stays right there until I shoot him square in the butt. He gets all huffy and storms off-someone storming off in a ghillie is HILARIOUS.

I think they left the next game, since when that match was over, I was the first one walking back to the staging area, and all the tacti-tools were there already. And they looked like they'd been there a while.
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Originally Posted by View Post
Someone should reply saying that they heard that paintball started from equipment made for marking trees & cattle. Then ask them if there will be any real life tactical missions for taking down terrorist trees or mad cows...

I did that!!! Never heard back... Awww I wanted to play too!
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To be fair there is more than 1 pic that has someone with eye protection.
If you are doing drills and practicing techniques without people firing back - then you might be able to get away without it

If this is what they are in to and what they enjoy - then all the power to them.
Just because you and I arent in to it, doesnt mean it is bad - hey i laugh at some airsoft guys some times, but they are having fun, so big deal.

In a competition if you can intimidate your opposition, then that is an advantage.
If you are playing walkons and renters - its not necessary, people are there to have fun and everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the day.

I agree that they should get their facts straight
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