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1st Big Game of the year Rampage Millarville

2012 season opener for Rampage Paintballs 15th year in Calgary Big Games. We're very excited to present our Big Games for the 15th year in a row, we have such a great community that has been built over the years not only by offering a great field and atmosphere, but by great players like yourselves. So right out of the gate we want to say thank you for your support. Now down to the business of shooting people in the face.

May 6th.
First of 3 games.

Dune Wars.
For the older generations you might remember this little movie that kicked ***, or maybe even played some of the computer games that have spawned over the years. We have a totally different story, new characters, new threats, and some special powers given to the leaders of the houses.


Harkonnen have been regarded as the brute force of the 3 tribes. They use large forces to outnumber there enemies and even larger machines to put fear in the face of there enemies.

Atreides use delicate tactics to control the battle field. They rely on complete order to precision battle movements to keep the advantage in the favor. There prime enemy has been the Harkonnen in the past and continues to fuel the war of the spice.

Fremen are the bain of house Harkonnen and house Atreides. With troops that can barley be detected and the control of the sand worms, they are thorns in the other houses sides. The Fremen never attack directly, with there gorilla style attacks they hit supply chains, leadership assassination, and much much more.

First of Three missions.

The war against the 3 houses have exhausted the resources of the houses. Chance to reclaim superiority has presented itself in the form of "spice silos". Location of a Fremen spice silo is too good to pass up, but be cautious a spice stockpile of this magnitude must been know by the other houses. Reports has also stated that Fremen often trap silos for intruder purposes.

Each silo station will have spice containers of 2 sizes. Smaller of the two are worth 200 points and the larger ones are worth 350. The houses must collect as many of THEIR MARK containers and return them to the base. Points will be docked for any oppositions containers in your base. These spice containers are for house Harkonnen and house Atreides. House Fremen being the stealthy beings they are would never expose their mission for all to see.
Station 1 will be in the town field and will be well marked.
Station 2 will be in the blue field and will be well marked.

Harkonnen will have 2 bases, base 1 will be in the trench field, base 2 will be in castle #3

Atreides will have 2 bases, base 1 will be in the church field, base 2 will be in castle #1

The points will collected at the end of the morning session, the team with the highest amount of points will be giving a greater advantage in the afternoon game, but with a slightly harder opponent. So make sure your house comes out on top for points.

Lunch and prize break from 1:00pm till 2:00pm.
Free burger with your entrance. Happy 15th year at Rampage Paintball.

The house that won the morning session will now have to defend the spice that they just won. Not only are the other houses seeking redemption of there previous loss but the spice is too hard to pass up. Keep in mind that the Fremen have discovered the valuable spice has been stolen, are now on the search.

Winning house.
The spice has been stockpiled in the town field but with reports of the upcoming battle between the Fremen and other houses your leaders have decided to move the spice to a more secure location. You must escort small amounts of spice to the "jail on the hill field", to secure its safety once it is put in the jail it cannot be removed by other houses but the Fremen have ways of getting things there not suppose to.

Attacking House.
With the taste of defeat still on your tongue the desire for that capture of the spice and a killing blow to your enemies grows ever stronger. Your house must capture as much spice you can before your enemy moves the spice to a secure location. Your base and spice stockpile will be the CSWL field, but bare in mind that the other house will not give up the spice and may even recapture it back so defense must always be kept in mind.

Points will be collected at the end and the winning team will be announced. Prizes will be given out after.


Prices are:
30$ entrance
20$ member entrance
90$ entrance and case
75$ member entrance and case.
25$ extra 500 paintballs
70$ extra case (inka bronze)
80$ extra case (draxxis)
Rental gear free (upgrades are at a cost see Rampage Outdoor - Prices
4500 psi fills.
Hamburgers 4$ complete with Jesse's super secret BBQ sauce.
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Project Mayhem is sponsored by: Rampage Paintball, , and Skyline Nation .

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