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Skyline Winter Game - Dec. 29th

1100-1600 hrs Mission Window

Over the past year, Skyline Nation Science teams are believed to be continuing experiments with time travel. There have been massive energy shifts and irregular weather patterns in the Sector 4 region of the Skyline Nation. This is of great concern to the World Task Force coalition and plans of a Special Ops winter raid are underway.

The Blood hounds are an elite TF strike team that is well trained in all weather environments. They are assigned with a winter Strike Force Mission. The team must obtain any intelligence, prisoners or any key items that can assist Military planners.

All World Task Force Operatives must wear white if possible. One GPS is required. Limited to what a player can carry for ammo and air. Air is available at lower portion of the mission course. Any details recovered on this mission will shed light on Summer Operations for the impending Operation Thunderball slated in late July.

Mission Details-
The Blood Hounds are to be deployed by Parachute (truck) to the Crazy Horse region of Sector 4 at 1200hrs. They are to set up Communications link with ‘Mother’ and proceed to an assigned location. The Sector 4 region is patrolled by Mercenaries and elite Skyline troops of the Wolverine Mountain division.

Avoid detection at all cost and proceed to assigned target. Detection will lead to the destruction of key evidence, so use stealth and hit the enemy hard when the opportunity presents itself. Stay clear of enemy patrols and be aware of footprints that will give away your position.

Upon mission completion, The Blood Hounds are to Contact ‘Mother’ for extraction point at 1600hrs.

World Task Force Objectives
Primary Objective- Obtain a photograph of any paranormal activity within the region. (Use your personal phone or assigned phone).
Secondary Objectives-To Capture Doctor Green thumb. This Skyline Scientist is a World leader in time travel theories and is a front runner is Skyline Space technology.
Secondary Objectives- is to find the Black berry phone and SATCOM briefcase.

Skyline Nation Objectives[u]
Primary Objectives- Skyline is to conduct standard grid pattern patrols of the region. Eliminate and Capture any foreign forces on Skyline Nation Soil.
Secondary Objectives-Capture Blood Hound One, He is the communications expert. Confiscate his Radio and navigation equipment (GPS).

This film was obtained by a Skyline resistance member, just before his capture and execution. This is the best recon we have of a possible Task Force insertion point.

Limited to 40 players only. Priority goes to Thunderball players. Special Promo game!!!!!
$40 includes field fee, HPA, 500 paintballs
$20 includes Field fee, HPA, 500 paintballs 'IF YOU ARE SIGNED UP FOR THUNDERBALL IN ADVANCE(DEC 7 SALE)'
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Project Mayhem is sponsored by: Rampage Paintball, , and Skyline Nation .

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