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Vancouver PB scene these days

Just curious what the Vancouver PB scene is like these days. I haven't been in a long while. Looks like Tsawassen closed up and merged with Maple Ridge? Then it looks like Richmond and North Van are the other options besides going east a bit (Panther etc.).
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The lease for Tsawassen was overtaken by Delta Force Paintball who has fields around the world and sell coupons in local malls. They are much hated by the paintball playing community. Delta Force in turn then lost the lease in Tsawassen possibly due to the residential and commercial development of the area and purchased Maple Ridge paintball. To my knowlege, they are still running but cater mainly to renters with very strict conditions for gun owners.

The owner of Panther retired and sold the business to Milsig. Panther field and pro-shop still operate but airsoft has become bigger and a large number of their field customers gravitate towards it.

Badlands pro-shop still exists.

Paintballgear may or may not still be running. I believe they have been purchased by MR paintball out of Alberta.

PBL back east fell apart and PBL West reverted to be Frontline Paintball again (former owners of Tsawassen). They now have 1 store in Surrey and run Kamloops Paintball.

Ambush paintball still runs but probably sees less rec ball customers than Panther. Again, airsoft is now played there as well.

North Shore paintball is still running.

There is paintball in the Whistler area....I may be called Avalanche Paintball or Whistler paintball..or they may be separate.

Tournament paintball is nearly non-existent in the lower mainland but there are teams that compete in leagues that have formed on the island. There is a resurgence of interest recently where Frontline paintball hosts practices every Sunday at Panther. Frontline still runs their scenario games as well alternating between events at Panther and Ambush. There is one coming up March 20th (see facebook

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Rick factor, that's an excellent run down. Thanks!

Poking around on that link it looks like there is District 99 in Squamish but it is currently closed for the winter.

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I played at D99 six
Months ago and had a great experience. Small field, but they are expanding fast and are a great group of guys.

I just moved to the island. Any more info on where I need to go to in order to play on the regular would be appreciated.
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