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more gooder
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I don't think I am going to make it. I have 1/2 of a dsg, the internals are all locked up in someone elses shop and I can't get hold of them to pick em up.
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That was a fun day. I'm still pretty sore from it, I think I pulled my back after a 30 min long snap battle when I was in one of the buildings.

Nice meeting you CrazyBoy78, I saw a couple other hawaiian shirts around but never got around to introducing myself (I was the kid in the orange jersey shooting a sniper).

That was a really successful day for my second real time playing pump, a few times I was in a spot that I eventually got bored of getting so many easy eliminations. Best part of the day was probably after the town was airstriked and our team was waiting around the far flag station, I asked if we could go back in or did we have to wait around any longer, we could go back in so I booked it across a big open space and headed for the other side of a hill/trench that a bunch of the other team was on top of. Some how I didn't get shot on that run, and I hugged the ground for a while, I made my way closer to the flag station that was surrounded by trenches. The other team made a big push for the station and I was just sitting on the other side of a trench, shooting people in the back. I could even hear 2 guys talking on the other side of the trench hah, I went through two 50 round hoppers into people's backs until I ran out of paint. So I ran out of my spot and was sprinting along the top of a trench in full view of the 30 or so guys there, mercying anyone who was sitting in that trench, got about 5 or 6 guys before they realized the kid in the bright orange jersey screaming mercy behind them probably wasn't on their team.

another enjoyable big game.
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