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MCB Meetup July 18th FlagRaiders Kitchener

Ok I started a new thread to get a better idea of who's coming. I'll go have a chat with the guys and see if they can give us a break on the paint.

Here's the cost break down.
$25.00 for admission gives you entrance, all day air and CO2, all you can eat lunch (with 1 drink) and 100 paintballs.
Paint prices aren't cheap though. "RPS Nitemare paint"
$160.00 per case (unless we get more than 1 then it's $150)
$10.00 for 100 paintballs
$45.00 for 500 paintballs

I'll edit this post to reflect those attending.

Prepaid Lenin + 2 more
speedy kthx
Rich + a few
Graf Orlock
Reality Compromised
The Medic
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All you need is a sharpie to write vodka tampon on your junk and you are in like Flynn.

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Post Whore
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I'm IN

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Woo I'm in.
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more gooder
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Yeah, I'll be there.

Andry : )

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I'm in, my brother is in (forget his screen name), and my friend is in (Zerbob).
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im in
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im in + few
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I'm fairly certain I'm in. Just a thought, the TET biggame there is the next day.. maybe do we all wanna play the big game? I know we've already switched dates once, but the big game would be cool as hell to play.
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Simple solution, put a big sign up that says "Honk if you love prison rape"
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I'll be'll be a nice change to hang with you guys when there's no snow on the ground!
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