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Happy and homeless
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Golden Era of Whoring PT2???

Anyone else enjoying this second round of the Canadian dollar being high to the US dollar? I know the last time it was this high last year us Canadians were whoring like mad rabbits for carrots.....
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we're talking about camping, not being homeless
Vagabond living on the side of the road in East Asia.
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I've actually turned my whoring efforts to something different. I'm hoping to attain a higher level of geekiness... a level I've yet to achieve...

I'm building... a biker scout costume. That's right, I'm hoping to join the local garrison of the Fightin' 501st as a tree dart.

But to make this post on topic, my future plans are already in the planning stages. I won't be able to capitalize on the dollar as it is today but next year... next year I will wield some epic markers.

Andry : )

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It really is!
Everyone seems to be selling too, I just picked up a few rather nice pieces of brass myself.
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Wookie D*ck
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I'll admit I've made a few impulse buys in the past few days but I'm really planning on stashing a couple paychecks in US funds. I don't think our Gov't likes the idea of going over the US dollar, so hopefully it'll be a safe bet to keep some gun cash converted to USD while I wait for the max boom and DRV. If I'm lucky the dollar does another dive and I get a 15% discount
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oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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Yeah. I'm looking at a few things, it helps too that I'm working right now (making car parts for GM, not stable work). Of course the one I want isn't for sale right now (but it was when I didn't have the money for it...). Luck, I mustn't have much of it...
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Smurfs, Gotta Love Them
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Wife is finally working again....and the dollar is strong. Things are looking good for KK to procure some more markers WOOHOO
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All you need is a sharpie to write vodka tampon on your junk and you are in like Flynn.

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I'm waiting on Paypal to process a transaction for a gun now!!!!!!
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I was pleasantly shocked at the dollar being so strong. High time to buy brass stock me thinks.
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