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Early Carter Buzzard with strange barrel threads

I picked up a pre-dye Carter Buzzard recently, one thing I found to be very odd though is the barrel threads on this particular Buzzard. I was under the impression the Buzzard had the same thread pitch as an autococker (thread tolerance and breach beveling issues aside) but this Buzzard is definitely not autococker threaded the threads are noticeably more coarse. Did the Buzzard ever use anything other than autococker pitch threads, if so what other gun uses this pitch or is it a proprietary thread pitch? If it makes any difference I think this gun might be as early production as a VSC Carter Buzzard can be.

Here is a picture of the threads.
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Don't quote me but I think I remember Bacci telling me that it is Carter/Taso threads someone will verify this

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Yes, as Alex wrote most early buzzards with removable barrels used Taso thread.
I have attached a picture from the link below that show a measurement of Taso thread so you can judge for yourself if that's what your barrel uses.
Taso spartan or classic carter barrel, used good shape, .686-688 id, 14 inch - Taso Spartan and Carter Buzzard Barrels - Barrels - Parts

And as you wrote in your initial post, most of Taso's pumps were Bore drop nelsons that didn't use the bevel (since they were bore drop) so they wouldn't directly be compatible with a buzzard without the beveling.

Let's see a pic of your buzzard and hope that helps,
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It's like that one commercial, do you believe everything you find in the internet?

Does your barrel have a bevel? Mine does and that taso might require machining. That Taso doesn't fit mine and min is 1.25" long from end of barrel to tip vs the 1.5" of the Taso.

I have one that is not cocker thread with a pre-dye swing trigger and rare barrel thread. My friend held my gear and lost the barrel. He worked at a paintball shop and tried every barrel, tried every gun possible at the fields for a year and found nothing. I was around a few stock teams with carters and their slide barrels from comps and buzzard wouldn't fit. Proof some of Carters are not cocker threaded or Taso threaded.
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Here's a pic and this barrel is a custom barrel.

- 1.25" inch long tip to base
- Thread is 16 TPI and .5" long thread

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TASOs are 16 tpi, with the exception of the centurion. Lop a quarter inch off, give it a bevel and maybe it is a fit?

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