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Added a Buzzard to my collection.

I bought my first Buzzard in 2006, with the help of one the Blowfish guys. I played with it a few times then sold the next year. I was just starting to get into pump. Built a few pump cockers, bought and sold a Phatom, ended up with my friend's boxgun on a loan and now back in my hands the same Buzzard but with small, BIG changes. I noticed was the air line, I had macro line on before then the biggest thing I noticed was that barrel has Earon's inserts! These insert are probably when he first started them because there's no marking or coloring for size.

The funny thing is, this gun was sold to the person who started Blowfish. I never knew who it was sold to. The person who help me buy the buzzard and sold it for me too. I ended up playing with some of the guys from Blowfish this past weekend at SC Village's Decay of Nations. A great group of pumpers! There was Mike, Pom, Aaron, Jack and Steve. Mike the owner of the buzzard wanted to sell the buzzard. I was going to buy it no matter what. I never got to saw the buzzard until the sunday night after everything was over and everyone had to get back to their personal life.

This is when I got the gun.

And how it sits today

Now I need to save up for a Duck or Baby Duck!
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For sell:

Carter Tricar
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Never seen the vertical asa reg on the valve output gauge but it kinda makes sense.

Is that an excal and a hybrid phantom/automag pump?
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The original blowfish guys were two guys name Fred and Pom ( not sure )? They used to come check it all the time in Santa Ana
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cncaliguy, Vert asa/reg was an expansion chamber lol. It was a Viking and that was pump mag with a phantom feed tube. Also has a wgp hinge thats gutted out.

op4sonny, not sure but that's what mike was saying the whole night I was with him.
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Carter Tricar
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Bit of a necropost but worth straightening out...

First tourny Blowfish played was at tombstone in 1999. Fred, Phong, Mike and possibly Boyce were on the roster. At the time we didn't have a team name yet. Zack Rodriguez of team Yella mentioned that we looked like Hootie and the Blowfish because we had one black guy and a bunch of white guys. From then on we kept the name.

I didn't join the team until the second tournament in November of 1999. The team was extremely casual back then and we would often pick up random guys to play with us. Mike and I were obsessed with paintball back then so we stuck with it while others came and went. I would consider Mike Knudson the main founder.

The next notable players I remember getting picked up were Joel Buffington, Steve Wann, Joe Vu and Pom Chaiyakal. Mike had joined the Marines and deployed for 3 tours which pretty much occupied all his time. We met Aaron Sappenfield when he was working at Tombstone paintball field and he eventually started playing with us. Stock class was pretty dead at this point and alot of teams ended up mixing after some went to the dark side of semi or quit all together. Zack Rodriguez , Erik Eidenmuller from Yella and Sal Yu from Cobra Kai became regulars. We played as Hybrid for a few 7/10 man tournaments.

Core players:
Fred Evans
Mike Knudson
Jack Wine (myself)
Joel Buffington
Steve Wann
Pom Chaiyakal
Joe Vu
Aaron Sappenfield
Sal Yu
Zack Rodriguez
Erik Eidenmuller

Over the years players like check it John, Radsauce and Hoady and many more played with us.
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