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First outing with a Carter.

I finally got a chance to use my Mini Buzzard yesterday. Found out I wasn't the only one testing out a Carter. thgindim from this forum, who is a local here, was also tetsing out his "new-to-him" Buzzard. I think I walked away a little happier with my Carter than he did but I think he just may need to tweak his a bit and use it a little more. Below is my pro and con list compiled from about a half-dozen or so solid games.


Comfort: I gauge my gun's comfort level based on it's weight and geometry. Weight wise I like the added heft that comes with the Buzzard build. It made using it without a stock easier as compared to using a Phantom without one. I do have a L-stock for mines but I find it a tad too long for my liking... I may try and shorten it somewhere down the line. Geometry wise I like it. Not much to be said other than the grip fits my hand well and doesn't force me to adapt to it.

Function: I chuck this up to efficeincy and user friendly-ness, Efficiency off of 12grams was very nice. I didn't take the time to shoot out a whole 12gram with paint over a chrono but from what I got as far as shot count goes and from what I perceived as drop-off from a visual point of view... it's all I could want in a great stockclass marker. The barrel sizer on my Mini Buzz is marked by 3 hash marks and looks like a .686... no real accurate calipers around to verify though. Anyone know what the 3 hash marks mean? The pump stroke is butter... I cannot say enough about it... it's just plain addicting... rapid firing is waay easy and to me this is the ONLY real thing that seperates the Buzzards and Phantoms. The trigger is crisp and comfortable. I thought with it being so wide it would feel akward but no... I'm loving it. It doesn't hang up or bind... it does what its supposed to do without any issues. Velocity out of the box was very consistant around the mid 290's. I left it there but may take it down a notch as I did experience quite a few barrel breaks... mroe about that in the Con's section. Sound signature is a nice pop. Not thunderous like some describe. Who ever says Buzzards are loud should stop holding the end of the barrel so close to their ears... it's not loud at all. Unlike the Phantom muffled shot the Buzzard's is more crisp... me thinks. Back to the barrel sizer... No roll-outs= Win I shot Karnage tear all day without a roll-out. Barrel accuracy is on par with all the other well made barrels I've shot. The bucket changer is sweet... more turns than CCI's but its design works a little better for me.

Visual gratification: Yeah... you saw my pics... the eye candy gods are appeased. Carter's craftsmanship is superb... it could be considered crack for your eyeballs... I'm already thinking about a 2nd Carter... a Mini Comp is calling me


I'll be short and concise with this one. The ONLY real issues I had with my Mini Buzz were a few unwanted barrel breaks and some double-feeding issues. I chuck both up to user error. I shot off several strings (sounds weird when talking about a pump huh?) with zero double-feeds so I know it's me and not the gun... and because the gun is shooting in the mid 290's, I'm guessing that the velocity may be spiking enought at times to cause a barrel break here and there. I'll drop the fps a bit... maybe around 270-280 and see if that helps a bit. I think that with a few more games under my belt with this gun I should have the pump stroke timing down and hopefully the barrel break issues resolved.

Well that's my review of my Mini Buzzard... actually my first review of anything for that matter, lol. Any helpful tips or advice from you seasoned Carter owners would be greatly appreciated.
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Nice review.

More pictures!
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nice write up.
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How many shots are you currently getting off of a 12ie?

Good job on the Review.
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Not really sure as I never really counted but I'd say upper 30's to mid 40's... and much better than my Phantom.
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Great review bro. I'm seriously thinking of getting me a Carter. I was gonna get me a Phantom setup but a teammate has a Carter on the way so I have a feeling once he lets me try it out (hopefully he does...hehe) I'll make my final decision.

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Heya Rich... my Carter needed a little attention when I first got it but after a few minor tweaks I have it perfectly set up... good luck to you which ever way you decide to go and welcome back to pump!
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