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Tri-car springs and cup seals

I sent an E-mail to lauren at carter as well - that might just resolve it, but I'm working on reviving one of Bacci's tri cars - I think it could use a new main spring and definitely a new cup seal- would this be a common MSC type part? - i can't imagine they actually manufactured all that stuff at carter.... especially for the tri car. I also noticed the tricar main spring is super heavy - more so than say my maddman red spring. wanted to see if anyones dealt with this before or had Ideas. I got the cup seal to work for a day, but it's over for it, and the velocity never really got above 250 - mainly rollouts though... need some nail polish.
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I was not able to get my cup seal off, as the seal part had been either melted, or replaced with some sort of putty or plumbing sealant, so unfortunately I have no clue if standard Nelson (or Phantom) cup seals will fit, however you can order guts from Carter Machine. As far as the springs, no idea either.

FYI, Lauren told me last week she'd be unavailable for a couple of weeks, so it might take a while to get back to your email.
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thanks mayvik-

so I was just out in the shop tinkering - the brass cup seal component came off - thats why the leaking, etc, - put it back on and am good to go. still cannot get velocity above 220 - 230 range it could be paint size, though I am using GAP - a consistently larger ball that I use for just that reason - it's pretty consistent on the larger barrels - and not all of it rolls out - I know the balls I shot over the crono were in the correct position Main spring shot? any other Ideas for boosting it? - I'm gonna epoxy a ball retainer in the barrel, that does not seem to be the issue. would fussing with different vavle springs affect velocity?
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my 90 comp was getting barrel breaks, so carter offered spruce up the insides with a venturi bolt, trigger job, new valving (powertube, etc). haven't taken it to the field yet, but zero breaks and roughly 35 shots per 12g.
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