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Carter's Commando Hawaiian Shirt/Jersey Numbers

I waited about a week for splattttttt to start this thread but nothing. So here it is.

Originally Posted by splattttttt View Post
We should start a thread, where we could all list our own personal numbers. Then find patches for what ever shirt we like.

01 Painthappy
02 Drum
2x+1 netsurferdude2
3 SuperHiQuality87
3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375 .... oldschool
4 noxx55
004 Ryantuomi
5 Yellow5
05 snaparen
6 oldschool (a second one)
6.9 pbmafia
7 Thelar
007 §TOCKCLA§§
07 p8ntninja
8 chplnstone
9 DeTrevni
09 war009
10 ~FinSec
11 Schmitti
12 AtaraxicEric
13 VonOrt
013 pinkanese
14 C5TEK
15 SpinDoctor15
16 Demonio
17 Chaos
18 Bob T Guy
19 minimag03 Suga Mama
20 woodviper
20.1 Hawkeye20
21 phantomwes
22 Clearush
23 d4rksabre dkv23
24 Dirty Deuce
25 Epic_Scotsman
26 greenmtnphantom
27 Mouse
28 redman
29 Lone Goose
30 CrazyRuskii
31 sdawg
32 El Gringo
33 Mr.Rush
34 nuclear zombie
35? pinkanese
36 Wildgoat
37 Murph
39 kappy
>40 OldGadget
41 The Flounder
42 Fluff steeltoe
43 sloonan
44 Bagels
45 Steel Tiger
47 GanonsGrin
48 braelito
49 Beccolter
50 Uranus
52 Manning
53 Ranger 53
54 wycked54
55 Feyd
57 splattttttt
61 bmann61
63 63VDub
64 Spider
66 Conker
68 AmericanPaintball
68 cirkle68 (we are assuming AmericanPaintball doesn't mind sharing)
69 theyoda (Tugboater203 gave him 69)
70 BVB
71 Bradys71
72 shadow_772
73 Wycke
74 Critical
75 bluto
76 nutttts
77 Moosepatrol
78 CrazyBoy78
79 WilD
81 chopper duke
85 heinous
86 Axel
87 Whee McGee
88 Stuffy
89 PJ
97 Harb (if it has to be an actual number)
98 grimace
99 Dave Cameron
101 PITAson
103 killedcookie
104 evilkid94
111 LudavicoSoldier
117 Walking_Target
121 Stitch Lrrpie-CT
130 WickedKlown2
138 ChaplainBane
199 JoEyBaTTs
201 Lawndart
203 Tugboater203
222 RenegadexSS
256 Modokun
269 Darring D
289 Buck
300 thisissparta
301 Cook
383 Alleybu
401 Titus
404 Marauder_Pilot
409 MadCat
420 pizzaluvr
426 Gas mask
442 Rothstein
455 Mayvik
512 Goat
514 Amber
518 Obake
555 chopper duke (his 2nd number)
609 splattttttt
619 Soolio
626 ARH (East Coast) Stitch (West Coast)
632 LUKE
666 Born4Evil
711 bigguns711
777 tebbydear
787 climberex
814 a5hellcat814
911 inkundone
951 rudz
999 Jesterbuilt
1189 butters89
1217 masternater1217
1337 scottthetot
4,761 oldschool (again)
5000 gainman
5150 HurtCow
176,400 oldschool (he really likes numbers)
e VVulfe
i Engus
Infinity Mstrtal
NCC-1701 hmudd13
Negative Infinity jhyan
THX 1138 Harbinger[TG]
TK-421 super-cameron
WOPR DPrekel
x^n Skippy
nuclear zombie
55 BLC_Misfire
!! Listessa
** Listessa
@@ Listessa
CDXX Hooligan
:^D criticalhammer
8==O Uranus
4x4 warhead
ST-321 Bob T Guy
XLII Stilgar
2-4-1 Rage 01
:3 Stripes
SH*T edwards1
LXXVII left handed
;,,,; Siress
1 <3 80082 redthirst
-1 Dr. VonDeafingson
#ΘΘ (double theta) Kermitt
west coast 11 taco
13x huggybear13
1/0 Battlespam
8} Bigtuana
B-17 B-17
√-1 tymcneer
XIX packersrule729
#86 TCPaintball

Post your number and I'll add it to the list.

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42 It appears it is not listed

Support your local fields. The game you save may be your own.

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So can I put dibs on 47 or am I even allowed to put in my word on this one? Just curious. Let me know! I wasn't sure if this was for you guys that play together or not.

WOOHOO! I Made It!

On another note, i'll hopefully be playing my first Hawaiian shirt game in April. I just gotta order me up some patches.
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Originally Posted by DashHopes View Post
Welcome back buddy! And GanonsGrin is your brother? He is the devil

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I'll probably toss a # 78 on mine. Eventually.

Andry : )

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Because I can
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Number 77 here!
Originally Posted by greenmtnphantom View Post
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Originally Posted by Robertsr View Post
"So there I was, sitting at the keyboard one handed, and I said to myself, 'that really looks like you're wife'..."

Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Thing's lucky it scampered off because I would have skulled it to death if I'd managed to get my hands on it.
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Yahoo...I want #14
Gotta love Drum...
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I'll take 17
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PPS Fan one has called the obvious classic favorites yet...69 and 420.

I think we reserve those for Oldschool and Drum.
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My number = 002

(Why the fluck are we telling our numbers?)


Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
I still don't get that.
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