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phantom aiming preference

when i shoot my ccm s6 or any gun with a hopper i look pass the gun when aiming. Now, stock class phantoms do not have feednecks to block your vision so when you guys shoot your phantom do you do the same thing with any other gun with a feedneck or do you close one eye to shoot?
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I use a ghost ring on my Phantom and use it just like a red dot...both eyes open looking past.
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I generally close one I for the longer shots, but for anything within 50', it's become muscle memory, really

the way I generally aim is close one eye, and line up the tip of the barrel and feedtube, than adjust for distance, but that may help you with accuracy
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I just use intuition/memory, which I kinda got into a habit of with my bow. You don't close one eye anyway with a ghost ring, it's just meant so you look through it and it appears over your target. For this reason, if you know where the hole would be, you can just use intuition.
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I always close one of eyes(depends which on which side I'm popping out on) and aim on the side along the barrel and just ignore the pump.

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I never close either eye when sighting in on a target. It doesn't matter whether I'm using red dots or just iron sights I always superimpose the target in the sight field and adjust following shots as necessary.

The exception to the rule would be a high powered rifle with a scope. But that is so different from paint ball its not even in the same category.
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I always close both my eyes and use the force.

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I tried my ghost ring but it became more of a visual add on. down the side and guess really - most of the time it works
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I generally aim the same way I would with a centre feed - down the right side of the barrel with my right eye when shooting right handed and left side with my left eye when shooting left handed (both eyes open and gun tilted appropriately to assist). I also have a red dot on the top of the feedblock that I use for more accurately aimed shots, if I have the time to line it up. I find targeting with a red dot slower than sighing down the barrel, but it enables better accuracy.
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i started off aiming with one eye shut, but then my buddy suggested to try aiming down the center, at breech level, this works a hella lot better for me now.
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