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I like it a lot
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Thats an inbred nelson. So sad.


Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
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ur my sister
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not to bring up an old thread but i had the same idea with just puting the phantom valve on the trracer back and then drilling the trigger guard to use the phantom vertical asa. no real need to switch out the trigger frame since i like the anti-double cock of the trracer.
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Originally Posted by THE-SHOOTIST View Post
I applaud your ingenuity and resourcefullness.
Yes, it is a bastard child of an unholy union, but I like it!
(I'm sorta doing the same with a TAG and a Bushmaster)
Originally Posted by lindsay View Post
Not the TAG!!!
***(looks behind himself VERY nervously)*** hey hey HEY HEY !!!


As many "interesting" combinations of thins we encounter around here, what's one more bastardized misfit unholy-union abomination of machanical craftiness? Let us know how it handles !! Very Interesting - a Phracer or is it a Trantom or is it a Phempire or what.....?

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Quick addendum: after widening for the forward grip frame screw hole, and reassembling the Phantom, there does seem to be a slight amount of back-and-forth play in the forward section of the Phantom's body. Also, the forward grip frame screw is no longer held in place by the vertical adapter when the frame is removed from the body. I was able to fix this somewhat by putting a small section of heat shrink tubing on the grip frame screw to take up the slack. Doesn't seem to effect the gun negatively, but I wanted to make sure people contemplating this knew.
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So the real question is...

How much?

Nice work. Like it a lot. And I love blasphemy.
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