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Phantom help

Ok so i am looking to get an undercocking kit for my phantom but am stuck between buying a rainman or a wevo.... im leaning more toward rainman, but would love more input! Thanks!

any suggestions?
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Honestly either will do you just fine.. Ive used both kinds and in my opinion
the only difference is that you can use CCM pump handles with the rainman kit.
And the rainman comes with a larger pump handle which some like, some dont.
All preference.

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have you tried either of them previously?
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Rainman is about $65 is larger, has duel guide rods and hangs a bit lower than the CCI one.

CCI UC kit is about $50 is smaller...too small for me...single guide rod, but hugs the barrel a bit better.

Which one feels better to you?
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when shooting i dont grab the full pump handle, more grab the back when pumping the gun (if that makes sense) so i was thinking wevo also cause i have small hands haha

but i like the idea of the rainman and using ccm handles, like different colors and stuff...

i've thought about hitman mod, but decided against it
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Like inferno said, it's all a matter of preference... I like Rainman's cuz I like to have a lot to grab on to when I'm pumping (it's just more familiar to me ) And in all honesty I like the placement of the pump (like Stilgar said, it hangs a little lower... also something I'm just more familiar with )

But in all seriousness those two reason are exactly why I prefer the Rainman kits... although in all fairness I've only ever felt a CCI undercocking kit and never actually played a game w/ it.
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I've used the CCI, Rainman and various Punisher's kits.

My favorite was the punisher streamliner.

I like the Rainman over the CCI. The CCI is too small for me.

I'm probably in the minority though I prefer the standard pump handle. Well not really. I like the style but not the shape. I like a more squared shape.
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I'm with you on the standard pump. On Phantoms I like the over the barrel pump, to me it feels the best.

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I have all three the Rainman,CCI and Wevo. I am in the minority I prefer the CCI or Wevo over the Rainman. I prefer the smaller grip, not to mention the upper rod on the Rainman rubs my freak back. RJ
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I had the Wevo and the Rainman. I liked the Rainman kit better due to the larger pump handle, that being said the Rainman kit is larger and hangs off the gun alittle. The Wevo kit isn't bad, the pump stroke actually feels about the same as the stock pump. Where as IMHO the Rainman kit helped smooth it out a little more.
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