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Phantom Appraisal

Hello everyone. I am just wondering what a good asking price would be for my Phantom. Not to say I would sell it, but I just want to know what would be fair. I'm really more interested in trades. she is. Sorry for the not so good quality pictures.

Upgrades Include:

Deadlywind 12" Barrel
Palmers Pursuit Shop Sideline Stabilizer with Gauge and of course, fittings
Desert T1 Undercocking Kit
ASP Detent Modded body, offset right stock class
Bucket Changer
Acrylic Feed Block and 13 round feed tube
SSC Tri Fluted Hammer
ASP Ported TPC
Hand Polished Internals
RTR Grip Frame with Hogue Palm Swells
Trigger Shoe
Reduced Rate Return Spring

I also have an extensive spare parts kit I would include. It is pictured, as well as including about 150 Leland 12 grams.

The Phantom gets 38 shots per 12ie between 270 and 280 before dropoff. Amazing accuracy. I have put alot of money and time into it. I love it, but I also want to build an autococker based pump, or pick up a CCM. So, what do you think its worth? Thank you for your time.
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Without alot of knowledge out guessing so don't take my guess to literally I'd say 300-350 but I could be wrong
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thats a nice phantom i must say. youngpump, i would agree with you. phantom prices are down the tubes, so $350 would probably be pushing it.
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you could probably increase that quite a bit if you had some spare parts to scab together a basic phantom and then part off the DW, Palmers, pump kit & garg frame. I couldn't get an offer higher than 350 on my phantom and i parted it out for nearly 600.
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Thanks everyone. $350 is less than I was hoping for. So, I guess there is no reason to sell it, since I have no qualms with it. I was just thinking it might be nice to trade for a CCM without adding much.

Phantom resale is pretty low nowadays I guess. Good for the buyers, bad for the sellers.
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