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Ring Detents/Freak Question

This may sound stupid as I'm new to Phantoms. I am getting my barrel bored for freaks because I already have a freak kit. Would I still need the Ring Detents if I have my freak kit and correctly match my paint to bore? I would think the Freak Kit would do the job but I wanted to check as I'm not familiar enough with this. Thanks in advance for your help!

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nope should be fine without it imho
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I just use the freak inserts, no detents
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Freak inserts will prevent roll outs but will not prevent double feeds. I use freak inserts and a detent modded body to prevent both.

I've personally never owned detent rings so Im not sure if they sit deep enough in the body to prevent a double feed. If they don't, you may want to look into a detent system. a detent mod will run you about $20 with ASP or about $25 with ssc I believe. Unfortunately you would have to send in your body and wait to get it back in the mail.

An easy way to do it yourself would be to stick a piece or 2 of electrical tape directly ahead of the bolt (when the pump handle is forward) so that a paintball takes just a little tension to pass through. It is a bit tricky to get the tape in but it costs nothing but the price of the tape; however the ASP detent is the best imo.
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