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SilentNuke 11-06-2012 06:23 PM

If you had to pick one over the other . .
I am doing another ridiculous build (only because I miss my old one) I am not telling you what I am building because that will influence your choice. I should have never sold my last one :bang:. Anyways, I would like to hear your opinion(s) concerning which valve I should choose. "If you had to pick one over the other" would you use the RTR Gargoyle Valve or the CCI Phantom Valve? Remember you have to choose!

Thank you for your help and maturity.

cobyrne 11-06-2012 07:54 PM

If I recall, the Garg valve comes with an insert that works to eliminate liquid in the valve and you can use Sniper valve springs (which are readily available in a range of tensions). That said, it comes in dust black and may not match the other pieces you are putting together for your build, nor is it drilled for a sight rail (if that matters to you).

While the Garg valve is functionally superior, I am perfectly happy with the CCI valve that came with my Phantom. If I were doing a build using mostly after market parts, I would choose the Garg, but if I were buying a Phantom and then choosing which aftermarket parts to add I would stick with the CCI.

Legolas 11-06-2012 11:54 PM

RTR valve

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