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Originally Posted by 3022 View Post
It is sad, but I have strong feeling from your post, that your need to show some superiority above me is here bigger than you real knowledge...

When you are so sure with your proven facts from the 80's, then you can perhaps explain us why is the current most efficient marker known on MCB, with good documented velocity test, is russc Sniper with regulator...

I think that I have said enought in this thread.
Certainly not trying to show superiority... just trying to find a way to better show you my ideas and help you to understand.... if I have to write a lot in order for you to understand then so be it. Also you pretty much came out and made some statements that were more than a little inflammatory yourself.

As to Russ and his reg'd powerlet powered Sniper.... I think he went the right direction with the sheridan system. At the time I was going to go another route and run off a horizontal dropout body that was mounted directly to the valve. But I knew several factors would prevent me from doing better.

First (actually first was really money... or the lack there of), the sheridan valve system as available (without turning up a new valve) is extremely turbulent and is far more better fed with gas.

Additionally the multiple angles/turns in the gas path further introduce turbulance.

Also the transfer port in a stock Sniper/Cocker body is actually large.

And finally, the inner diameter in the bolt is also fairly large.

Where am I going with this.... well turbulance in a system induces conversion of dense CO2 to less dense CO2 (causing a loss in energy and efficiency), and all the large openings go against the use of dense CO2 to feed the system as you want the dense CO2 to start to expand behind the ball... not in the system itself.

Looking back at it now, Russ used the optimum method to run off a 12 gram... convert it to gas and maintain a constant pressure.

Also.... a Sheridan is a completely different beast than a nelson (which we have been talking about so far). Sheridans have the multiple changes in flow path as compared to the Nelson's linear path.. even when running both on 12 grams. The best bet with a stock sheridan on 12 grams is still a pgp as the bolt face is flat so all expansion not already occurring in the system is behind the ball rather than in a large inner diameter bolt. So you have all that flow path changing, and a valve with a large internal volume and the large bore in the bolt..... lots of opportunity for expansion.

Anyways, I can't say it's been fun, but it also doesn't seem like you even wanted to try to do anything than argue as you certainly didn't seem to open your mind to really think about how my system would work. I know the guys that participated in the Project Leprechaun stuff certainly looked at some of what I talked about and in private I talked to folks about my thoughts as described above.

I also wish some of the other old heads would chime in to discuss their experience with "liquid" CO2 and it's benefits... but I doubt it will happen and I wouldn't want you to feel like I'd enlisted people to verbally beat up on you.

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