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Does anyone dislike undercocking kits?

I'm just wondering if I'm all alone on this one. I recently got a Phantom in trade that has a nice UC kit on it (not sure who made it; it's shiny and uses a CCM handle). In messing with it, I think I might actually like the traditional pump more; I feel like I lose a lot of control over the marker with the UC pump. Admittedly, I haven't been to the field with it yet but does anyone else feel this way?
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I didn't care for mine either . I have owned the wevo kit and a rain man kit. It made the phantom feel like I was shooting a CCM gun . lol
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I don't like them.
I've tried two types but I prefer the standard pump handle, at least with the rock-and-cock action of pumping a stock class gun.
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I love my rainman kit, and I like how it feels. But I like a stock pump better because it helps keep the gun light, easier to tear down the marker, looks cleaner, and just feels right. But... I could not stand to destroy the anodizing on the barrel. <<<<<<<<
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I didn't like the feel of the one I had either, went back to the stock pump handle. I found it brought my front hand down to low, and made the gun uncomfortable for me .

I would like to try the gargoyle pump handle, it looks comfy

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Add me to the list of those who have gone back to the stock pump handle.
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wevo clear kit FTW.

the cci uc kit (ribbed) is not nearly as nice as the grooved wevo version

i've never been a huge fan of the rest of the UC kits....
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<--- Tried 3, hated all of them.

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I'll admit that I jumped on the UC bandwagon a few years back. The first kit I went with was the CCI one, but it was way too small - like "too small for a 4-year old" small. Then I picked up a couple of Vanguard kits which were bigger in size. After that I picked up a Desert T1 in a trade. Ultimately, I found that all of these UC kits were undesirable for two main reasons.

The first problem was that the kit would loosen under the constant stress of the pump action. In my first game using the Vanguard, the single screw holding everything together came loose and then fell out. I went to take a shot and the whole gun came apart in my hands. Game over for me right there. In my mind it was a simple design flaw. The kits aren't designed to withstand the rigorous back and forth action of pumping.

I then tried the Desert T1 kit with a home-made brass pump arm sleeve. While the sleeve stabilized the pump to a degree, it still came loose over time. Locktite, lock washers and other methods didn't resolve the issue.

Even if the kits didn't work themselves loose, there is the second problem of maintenance. One of the best features of a stock Phantom is how easy it is to work on. A UC kit changes all that. Since many UC kits can't accommodate the front CCI thumb screw, you now need to use a screw driver to dissemble the gun. The worst part is trying to reassemble the gun, you often feel like you need three hands to get everything back together. There have been several occasions where I've had to break my gun down during game play to get back in the action. This just isn't possible with the UC kits I've used.

Even though the new Rainman kit is designed to use the CCI thumb screw, I still have to imagine that it isn't any easier to reassemble than a gun with a stock pump. Bottom line for me is that the ease of maintenance trumps any "cool factor" that UC kits may offer.

BTW, this topic has been covered a few times before. Here is just one thread if you want to read more...
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Honestly, If I wanted an undercocking pump, I'd be using a 'cocker platform instead of the phantom.
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