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Here's what I got so far - 14" nickel barrel and a homemade gas through grip. It's a work in progress.

I'm working on a DIY guide to the gas through grip for anyone who's interested.
Very Respectfully,

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Wicked, I like that. I run Hawaiian air on just about all of my markers. My Phantom, at present:
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the candy striper by Woouulf

Name:  1 cci.jpg
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Don't mess with the OLD ones.....
collecting another few mags for my Gun WHORE status!!
I ship fast & pay on time....everytime!!
our work halloween pic as my Avi.......
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CCI Phantom Fan
Check out the new FACTORY feed for vertical Phantoms.
Just got one in today, looks sweet.
my feedback:
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Just got my one piece feed. And I'm liking this setup the best at the moment.

But if I ever feel like changing it up a bit I have options:

MCB Feedback
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I like spray paint
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SSC Phantom

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guess who started on his way to stock class

thats right its me with a vsc phantom

OK 3barrels (8" freak bored, 11" stock & 14" stock)
full freak kit
ghost ring
12 round feed/ lapco open class adapter
winchester 50 rd. hopper
bobbed valve
86* grip with hogue grips
adjustable t stock
bottom line kit with ninja 13/30
cp drop and on/off
and a rainman uc kit with hit-man mod

and when they come out i plan on slapping one of stripe's custom feeds which some of you all should buy so i can get mine
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Update of the family.

just some ordinary phantoms.

some are phantom threaded some are cocker.....

two are brass......

i like stock class.

**two frames and three pump kits done by jcurt, all the rest is me**
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I don't ever remembering posting a picture of my latest purchase...

Well here it is in all it's glory

not much left is CCI,,, only the Main Body,,, 8" Freaked Phantom Barrel,,, Bucket Changer and Pump Rod... Everything else I added in some shape or fashion... That is a Trracer BBA !!!

I hope everybody likes


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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
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